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To What Extent The Status Of The Holder Of A Mortgage Is Guaranteed As A Guaranteed Creditor.
Setting Up A Start-Up - What Is Important To Know About Intellectual Property.
By Ronen Monosevich
The gap between the signing of a signing contract and the purchase of a business (through the purchase of shares in the company, merger, acquisition of assets or in any other manner) and closing of the acquisition is, in many cases, necessary.
By Ronen Monosevich
The completion of material transactions in a corporation, such as investment transactions, mergers and acquisitions and significant financing transactions is usually contingent upon a variety of conditions, such as:
By Ronen Monosevich
The cleantech sector is particularly prominent in relation to other high-tech fields.
בתחום עלולה ישראל להפסיד מקום של כבוד במהפכת טכנולוגיות המים העולמית, שכבר יצאה לדר
The founders of startup are usually considered as one of its important assets.
Most data held by commercial companies with respect to their customers is subject to the Israeli Privacy Law.
You founded a startup to bring it to business prosperity and an exit.
As in other places in the world, the internal legal departments of Israeli Hitech companies are growing.
The tools for startup financing develop over the years.
Shares are bundles of rights, mainly voting in the shareholders meetings and participation in dividends and exits.
The investor, who shall prefer, of course, as little limitations on the reps as possible.