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By Isabel von Fliedner
Interesting Aspects of the Revision of the Procedural Law in Switzerland for the foreign Litigants
By Isabel von Fliedner
On the 16th December 2005, the Swiss Parliament adopted the new law of the limited liability company (LLC), which came into force during the second half of the year 2007.
By Isabel von Fliedner
This article presents three examples of how criminal proceedings and international assistance in criminal proceedings offered a possibility to attach assets which could then be claimed in civil proceedings.
By Isabel von Fliedner
According to a number of articles published in the Financial Times, the uncertain outcome due to divorce laws in the United Kingdom and laws favourable to the partner of a couple less wealthy than the other have pushed many couples and armies of lawyers drafting prenuptial and postnuptial agreements to try to resolve matters in case of a messy divorce.
By Isabel von Fliedner, Isabel von Fliedner
When establishing any kind of business in Switzerland, the first – sometimes only – suggestion made to entrepreneurs by their financial or fiduciary advisers is to set up a joint stock company.
By Isabel von Fliedner, Isabel von Fliedner
This presentation seeks to describe the process of judicial assistance for obtaining evidence in civil and commercial matters under The Hague Conventions, going more particularly into detail as concerns resolving conflicts between the common law and continental European law systems. It is based on experience concerning U.S. based pre-trial discovery proceedings to be executed on Swiss territory.