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Horizons & Co are proud to have been instructed on the first nullification case of the new arbitration law in Abu Dhabi.
By Alice Jones
The UAE pledged, within Federal Law No.29 of 2006 concerning the Rights of People of Determination, that they would secure equality for those with special needs through non-discrimination policies.
By Adi Ghanma
When did you last have your Starbucks Coffee, was it here in Dubai or back home? During a trip to Jordan this year I enjoyed my daily cup of coffee at the Amman Starbucks close to my parents' house.
By Mohammed Assayed
Since the 2007 - 2009 financial crisis, the talk and lengthy discussions about systemic risks and its implication on the stability of the global financial system has not ceased.
By Mohammed Assayed
LIBOR is a benchmark interest rate in which a panel of the world's major banks charge one another for short term loans.
By Mohammed Assayed
During the era prior to the famous "Westphalian Peace Treaties" in 1648, law was not as it is now where it has to be state-made in order to be or account as law.
By Mohammed Assayed
In the recent past there have been steps towards this change of approach.
The extradition shall be enforced only after the extradition order has been finalised.