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Czech Republic
By Karel Cermak Jr PhD
The registration data protection enables competitors in the field of medical preparations to ensure for a certain limited period of time exclusive rights to data gathered for testing the safety and effectiveness of a medical preparation, namely with respect to results of pharmacological and toxicological tests and clinical tests.
By Lukas Lorenc
An important amendment of the Civil Procedure Code (Law No. 99/1963 Coll., civil procedure code) will become effective as of April 1, 2005. This amendment introduces major changes namely with respect to preliminary injunctions (Section 74 et seq.) and with respect to provisions relating to proceedings before a court of appeal (Section 211 et seq.).
By Karel Cermak Jr PhD
We have recently received a number of remarkable court decisions, concerning rights in appellations. By a ruling on appeal against a rejecting first instance decision, the High Court in Prague ordered a preliminary injunction, imposing upon defendant an obligation to refrain from dispositions with a domain name which was (apart from others) a subject matter of the litigation.
By Lukas Lorenc
The famous Czech brewery Budějovický Budvar (in German or English, Budweiser Budvar), established in the town of České Budějovice (Budweis), produces and exports beer under the names of "Budějovický Budvar" and "Budweiser Budvar".
As of April 1st 2004 anew Trademark Act – No..441/2003 – shall come into force. Although the struc- ture of the Act has been considerably amended,there are hardly any revolutio nary substantive changes in the law.
By Andrea Povazanova
On December 3,2003,the National Council of the Slovak Republic has adopted an amendment to the Act No.55/1997 Coll., on Trademarks. The amendment reflects in particular the upcoming access of the Slovak Republic to the European Union, introducing provisions related to the Community trademark. 
By Karel Cermak Jr PhD
With a rising frequency, the Czech judiciary faces the necessity to deal with disputes involving domain names, registered in the top level domain .cz. Most of these disputes are cases of blunt domain name grabbing, or registration of domain names for speculative purposes.
By Andrea Povazanova
On 1 May 2004 the Czech Republic becomes together with nine other accessing countries a member of the European Union. On the same day the new Council Regulation of the European Union No.1/2003 on the implementation of the rules of competition laid down in Articles 81 and 82 of the Treaty shall become effective.
By Lukas Lorenc
On 22 December 2000 the Council of European Community adopted the Regulation, which removes barriers impeding the free enforcement of law and movement of judgments in civil and commercial matters in the whole territory of the European Union.
The theory of exhaustion of rights generally says that in case of introduction of a product (medicine)in the market by the holder of the right or with his consent, the rights are exhausted and generally speaking the holder of right may not restrict any further movement of the product (medicine).
By Karel Cermak Jr PhD
In an effort to reduce increasing deficits in the state budget, the Czech government has prepared a financial reform, consisting in amendments of a number of tax and social security laws.
Effective as of July 1,2002,the Czech and Slovak Republics are parties to the European Patent Con- vention.Since that date, it has been possible to designate the Czech Republic and/or the Slovak Republic in the European patent application as countries where the European patent should be effective
In our practice we often deal with the question whether the decision of the State Institute for Drug Control pursuant to the Drug Act No.79/1997 Coll. can constitute an infringement of patent rights and whether the State Institute for Drug Control has the legal duty to take into consideration the potential existence of industrial property rights pertaining to the respective drug during the registration proceeding.
By Richard Myslil
Codification works are under way in the drafting of the new Civil Code. In connection with these works also a new Commercial Act is being drafted that should replace the existing Commercial Code No.513/1991 Coll
By Andrea Povazanova