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By Mario Seyer, Dan Weland, Lloyd McMaster, Michael Firth, Audrey Diamant, Eric Paton, Andrew Vanderwal, Shawna Hansen
A bi-monthly publication prepared by PwC Indirect Tax professionals, describing commodity tax developments.
By PWCs National Accounting And Assurance
Two updates to the impairment standards provide an opportunity for many companies to reduce the cost and complexity of the annual test.
By David Forster
Recent high profile cyber attacks have made it clear that no one is immune to them.
By Neil Manji
Primarily, the importance of monitoring the conversations occurring online, training employees on the proper use of social media and the democratization of information.
By Neil Manji
Catherine Bromilow, Partner, Center for Board Governance, PwC (US) and Richard Levick, President & CEO, Levick Strategic Communications, discuss the impact social media has on businesses and audit committees.
By John Chang, Heather Blumberg, Teresa Carvalho
Organizations are increasingly leveraging shared services and outsourcing initiatives to reduce costs, increase efficiency, achieve greater agility and improve compliance.
By Mario Seyer, Audrey Diamant
This Tax memo updates our February 19, 2012, Tax memo "Returning to B.C.’s Provincial Sales Tax: Transitional rules for new housing" to reflect November 2012 announcements.
By Kevin Bromley, Ray Luchkow, Frédéric Bouchard
Canadian forest and paper products companies reported strong net earnings for the third quarter of 2012, with the solid wood, panel and diversified product companies posting generally better results than the pulp and paper producers.
By Pierre Lessard, Rémi Tremblay
The health contribution will vary, as of 2013, on the basis of an individual's income, instead of on the basis of the family income.
By Jason Safar, Kathy Munro, Angela Ross, Bruce Harris
On October 24, 2012, Canada’s Department of Finance released a Notice of Ways and Means Motion 1 that included the long-awaited "final" version of the proposed legislation for non-resident trusts.
By Pierre Lessard, Rémi Tremblay
On November 20, 2012, Nicolas Marceau, Quebec Minister of Finance, delivered the 2013/2014 Budget of the Government of Quebec.
By Charles Thériault, Rémi Gray
The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) recently released its 2012 annual report on the Canadian Mutual Agreement Procedure (MAP) program – the CRA’s mandatory service program designed to help taxpayers resolve cases of:
By Jonathan Simmons
The life insurance industry has been affected by a number of factors over the past few years.
By Nicolas Marcoux
2012 will mark the third year of recovery for the Canadian economy.
By Vik Sachdev
Discussions between PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC) and Alberta Tax and Revenue Administration (ATRA) officials clarify recent changes to Alberta’s scientific research and experimental development (SR&ED) tax credit.
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