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By Naomi Feinstein
It is fair to say that until very recently, data security issues have not generally been regarded as a mainstream issue for business.
By Lionel Souza, Marlen Mittelstein, Maria Luce Piattelli, Marieke Poulie, Louise Zafer
Whether a registered trade mark owner can stop another party using that mark as a keyword in an internet search engine is not yet clear and national courts of member states take different approaches.
By Rod Freeman, Matthew Hibbert
In a long-awaited decision, the English House of Lords, on 17 October 2007, unanimously dismissed the Pleural Plaques Litigation appeals.
By Lesley Ainsworth
The first consumer representative damages action under UK competition law, The Consumers' Association v JJB Sports PLC, has been settled. The settlement is a mixed result.
By Lesley Ainsworth, Christian Bahr, Marc Dalby, Christopher Thomas
On 15 January 2008, the European Commission initiated an inquiry into the pharmaceutical sector in relation to the launch of innovative and generic drugs.
By Lesley Ainsworth
After 27 months of information gathering and deliberation, the European Commission has issued its final report into competition conditions in the business insurance sector. In some cases this may be the result of the cumulative effect of a number of similar long term contracts or where the practice is carried out by a company that has a dominant market position.
By Richard Welfare, Richard Welfare, Amy Holt, Amy Holt, Amy Holt, Amy Holt
The UK Food Standards Agency ("FSA") has issued new draft Guidance Notes on Articles 14-16 and 18-20 of EC Regulation 178/2002 (the "Regulation") in response to a public consultation exercise on the EC Guidance which was held between July and October 2005.
By Paul Dacam, Paul Dacam, Gisele Salazar, Gisele Salazar, Gisele Salazar, Gisele Salazar
In March 2006, Ofcom, the independent regulator of television, radio, telecommunications and wireless communications services in the UK, published a consultation document outlining options for new restrictions on the regulation of food and drink advertising aimed at children.
By Jane Gamble, Jane Gamble, Jackie Smith, Jackie Smith, Jackie Smith, Jackie Smith
On 7 November 2006, the Food Chain Evaluation Consortium ("FCEC") presented the conclusions and recommendations of its evaluation of the Community’s Animal Health Policy ("CAHP") at a conference in Brussels.
By Cédric Grolleau, Jackie Smith, Jackie Smith
The European Commission published its long-awaited Communication on a strategy to support EU Member States in their efforts to reduce alcohol-related harm at the end of October (the "Strategy").
By Cédric Grolleau, Cédric Grolleau, Jackie Smith, Jackie Smith, Jackie Smith, Jackie Smith
The European Commission has made tackling obesity a public health priority. It claims that some 14 million children in Europe are currently overweight, of whom more than three million are obese. In all, it believes that across the EU-25, almost one in four children are overweight and that this is rising by around 400,000 a year. It is estimated that in the European Union, obesity-related illnesses accounts for up to seven per cent of total health care costs.