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By Melissa O'Connor, Todd Armstrong
Over the past decade the Indian economy has experienced a tremendous influx of foreign capital from private equity and hedge fund investors from across the globe. Such investment funds have typically used Singapore or Mauritius entities to invest in India because of their highly favorable Indian tax treatises.
By Micho Schumann
Many organizations perform penetration tests on their computer networks (also called ethical hacking).
By Joel Dodson
Over the past few years, the introduction of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act together with a greater focus on risk management has generated an increase in demand from service providers in obtaining third party assurance over the design and operating effectiveness of their internal controls.
By David Watt, Shahn Bharwani
Over the last 50 years, we have witnessed fundamental changes to the role of the auditor. Influenced by critical events (e.g. court decisions, corporate failures, economic melt-downs), audit responsibility has evolved from straight-forward error and fraud detection to the provision of more value-added services for clients and regulators.
By Anthony Cowell
Transformation: The Future of Alternative Investments explores the ways in which the alternative investment industry is adapting and evolving.