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By Benjamin E. Stearns
The court held that a party may not invoke the authority of section 7 by issuing a subpoena "in the name of" the arbitrators; rather, the arbitrators themselves must issue the subpoena.
By Carlton Fields
U.S. Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals
By Carlton Fields
Florida Appeals Court Decisions: Week Of November 5 - 9, 2018
By Joseph Lang Jr.
On October 3, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the district court's approval of a class settlement, an award of attorney's fees to class counsel, and the provision of an incentive award
By Benjamin E. Stearns
A New York intermediate appellate court has ruled that a $140 million "disgorgement" payment ordered by the SEC in resolution of an investigation into securities laws violations was a "penalty"...
By Carlton Fields
Imputation of Implied Actual Notice: the fact that an unrelated purchaser of property was aware that seller was being sued
By Kenneth A. Tinkler, Nancy G. Linnan, Benjamin E. Stearns, Thaddeus Ewald
While most people focus on the election returns posted on election night, in reality votes continue to be counted days after the election.
By Maria Mejia-Opaciuch
There are two O-1 visa classifications, O-1A and O-1B.
By Carlton Fields
Chapter 720 / Prevailing Party Fees: developer that successfully defended against association's lawsuit for declaratory and injunctive relief was properly awarded prevailing party attorneys' fees...
By Kenneth A. Tinkler, Jin Liu, Jourdan Haynes, Scott P. Pence
More than 57 percent of Hillsborough County voters approved the imposition of a 1 percent sales tax designed to improve the County's transportation infrastructure and transit service.
By Nora Valenza-Frost
Sujit Ghosh, President of Open Orbit Corporation, entered into a Personal Guaranty for the "full and timely performance of and by" Open Orbit under a Retailer Agreement with DISH Network, LLC.
By Thaddeus Ewald, Kenneth A. Tinkler
Last night, Floridians voted to pass the Voting Restoration Amendment that is poised to restore voting rights to an estimated 1.5 million Floridians with prior felony convictions.
By Jeanne Kohler
GC Services Limited Partnership ("GC Services"), a debt collector hired by a bank to collect an allegedly unpaid balance on a credit card, advised plaintiff Francina Smith that it would commence a collection proceeding ...
By Thaddeus Ewald, D. Matthew Allen
The Ninth Circuit vacated a remand order implicating the local and home-state controversy exceptions to CAFA jurisdiction in a putative class action by former California resident employees of Kentucky Fried Chicken ...
By Gail Jankowski
The Hartford affiliate Sentinel Insurance Company continued its successful campaign to limit dubious claims by securing another favorable decision
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