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By Cynthia Rowden, R. Scott MacKendrick, Tamara Winegust
Le 29 octobre dernier, le gouvernement fédéral du Canada a déposé un projet de loi omnibus d'exécution du budget qui comprend de nombreuses dispositions relatives à la propriété intellectuelle
By Noel Courage
Biologics are drugs which contain an active medicinal ingredient that is derived from living cells.
By Tamara Winegust
Settlement privilege was found to apply to certain documents filed with a Complaint in a recent CDRP proceeding and, therefore, not considered when assessing the alleged bad faith of the domain name registrant. In Williams-Sonoma Inc v Bensabath,
By Cynthia Rowden, Terry Edwards, Meghan Dillon
Long-awaited and much discussed amendments to Canada's Trademarks Act will come into effect on June 17, 2019 (the "coming into force date", or "CIF").
By R. Scott MacKendrick
If one were to have asked the question whether pre-trial injunctive relief for patent infringement is available in Canada, the practical answer for some years has been "no".
By Anastassia Trifonova
The world around us is becoming more reliant on technology and the practice of IP law is no exception. There are already numerous resources offered by national IP offices and agencies around the world
By Isi Caulder, Ray Kovarik
The next application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to be examined in our AI in Focus series is in the area of robotics.
By Joshua W. Spicer, Sarah D'Ambrosio
Last September, before the new world of legalized recreational cannabis had opened-up in Canada, we reported on the state of IP litigation in the cannabis industry.
By Melanie Szweras, Ainslie Parsons
Personalized medicine, where prevention, diagnosis, and/or treatment of disease is tailored to a particular individual, is becoming more and more prevalent as scientists
By François Larose, Alain Alphonse
Lorsque vient le temps de protéger son invention, il vaut mieux se tourner vers un agent de brevet, bien au fait des lois applicables régissant les brevets et qui jouit d'une expérience pertinente...
By Cynthia Rowden, Terry Edwards, Meghan Dillon
As of June 17, 2019, Canada will formally become a member of the Protocol relating to the Madrid Agreement Concerning International Registration of Marks ("Madrid Protocol"),
By Isi Caulder, Lawrence Yu
Patent filings for fundamental artificial intelligence (AI) technologies continue to rise. Led by a number of high profile technology companies, including IBM, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung,
By Matthew Graff
In a recent lengthy decision in Camso Inc. v. Soucy International Inc. 2019 FC 255, a patent infringement action came up empty after it was concluded that all of the claims asserted
By Amanda Branch, Jennifer McKenzie
As a result, privacy is paramount.
By Cameron Gale
The Government of Canada's Intellectual Property (IP) Strategy involves extensive efforts to educate Canadians about how IP tools, such as patents, can be used to protect their business assets.
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