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By Anzhela Makhinova, Dmytro Kulyk
At the end of December 2010 two special investigation (according to WTO terminology - protective investigations) had been terminated without any action, namely: in respect of imports into Ukraine of ferroalloys and complex mineral fertilizers
By Nataliya Mykolska
In 2010 a number of foreign trade issues were making headlines in Ukraine. One of the most important was that for the first time in its history Ukraine initiated a WTO dispute settlement procedure before the WTO Dispute Settlement Body against discriminatory taxation in Armenia.
By Mariya Nizhnik, Sergey Denisenko
The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (the "AMC") is currently one of the most transparent and open-minded state agencies of Ukraine, available for a dialogue with business community.
By Denis Lysenko, Yulia Kyrpa
In late 2010 and early 2011 the situation in the Ukrainian banking sector finally stabilized and most of the banks recommenced their lending activity.
By Andriy Stelmaschchuk
The latest judicial reform in Ukraine was effected through the On Judicial System and the Status of Judges Act of Ukraine which came into force on 30 July 2010 and provides for numerous amendments to Ukrainian procedural law.
By Oleg Alyoshin, Alexander Borodkin
The year of 2010 will be remembered as one when the second attempt to pass a PPP Act finally succeeded.
By Oleksandr Mamunya
When it comes to patents, Ukraine should no longer be deemed the final frontier, fit for exploration only by the brave and the bold.
By Denis Lysenko, Yulia Kyrpa
The Ukrainian law provides for certain restrictions on the placement of shares issued by Ukrainian issuers outside Ukraine.
By Oksana Voynarovska, Tetyana Ivanovych
According to Paragraph 2 of Article 40 of the Code of Laws on Labor of Ukraine dated 10.12.1971 No. 322-VIII as amended (hereinafter referred to as the "Labor Code of Ukraine") employment agreement may be terminated by the owner or its authorized body in case of employee inadequacy for his or her position or for the work performed due to insufficient qualification or state of health which hinder the work continuation, as well as in case when performance of the employee’s duties requires access t
By Dr. Tatyana Slipachuk, FCIArb.
Is your country a contracting state to the New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards? Since when has the Convention been in force?
By Dr. Tatyana Slipachuk, FCIArb.
How many levels of appeal are there? How long does it generally take until a challenge is decided at each level? Approximately what costs are incurred at each level? How are costs apportioned among the parties?
By Nataliya Mykolska, Anzhela Makhinova, Oleksandr Tereshchenko
Nowadays free trade agreements (the "FTAs") are among pillars of the international trade.
By Vladyslav Podolyak
Many companies focused on the consumer as their main client often collect and process personal data of individuals for commercial purposes (statistics, client acquisition, marketing, advertising, etc.).
By Nataliya Mykolska, Nataliya Haletska
In 2010, Ukraine, as a new member of the World Trade Organization, has for the first time in its history referred to the World Trade Organization (WTO) dispute settlement mechanism by claiming the WTO inconsistency of certain Armenian tax laws.
By Oksana Voynarovska
We are gradually and steadily approaching EU standards. A confirmation of this statement is that the Law of Ukraine "On Personal Data Protection" was adopted by the Parliament of Ukraine on June 1, 2010 and is going to come into effect on January 1, 2011.