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By Ruth Monahan, Ian Fisher
This clarification is to be welcomed, as it reduces the scope for uncertainty and the expensive legal disputes that can arise as a result.
By Carl Walker, Guy Fountaine
The new switch bill incorporated the charterparty arbitration clause.
By William Blagbrough, Lida Logotheti
There is clearly risk involved in any chain of back to back charters with a fixed time limit.
By Rory Macfarlane, Rachel Bernie
This case involved a charterparty with two different, and potentially conflicting, arbitration provisions.
By David Galea, Anna Fomina
In 2012, Seatrade sold four reefer vessels for scrapping.
By Fionna Gavin, Eleanor Dickens
In conclusion, therefore, the shipper's claim for misdelivery was time-barred.
By Jeremy Biggs, Guy Fountaine
Glencore had entered into a sale contract to sell the goods to Aavanti who, in turn, had on-sold to Agritrading.
By Rania Tadros, Sheridan Steiger
The English Court has recently handed down a judgment considering whether parties are able to rely on contractual time bars, such as Article III Rule 6 of the Hague Rules, in circumstances where owners have ordered ...
By Will Marshall, Ben Moon
Appeals to the English court from an arbitration award must be brought within 28 days of the date of the award.
By Carl Walker, Frances Drain
The Court of Appeal has considered when the market measure of damages will be displaced in cases of non-delivery of goods.
By Chris Kidd, Alastair Stewart
We have reported in the past on this long running litigation and the decisions in the High Court and the Court of Appeal.
By Rania Tadros, Anna Fomina
A recent decision offers guidance as to the courts’ approach to a carrier’s obligations under Article III(2) of the Hague Rules to properly and carefully load, carry and care for the cargo.
By Daniel Jones, Jonathan Reese
This was a dispute arising out of a contract of affreightment. The Court awarded the Owners damages for breach of the COA.
By Jonathan Elvey, Despina Plomaritou
In this case, the vessel Owners failed to provide the Charterers with all documents in support of their demurrage claim within the 90-day time period provided under the charterparty.
By Michael Volikas, Fionna Gavin, Amanda Urwin
The Court also considered issues concerning repudiatory breach, the validity of the charterparty guarantees and assessment of damages for repudiatory breach of charter.
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