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By Alvaro Correa Ordoñez, Rodolfo Chivata, Georgette Otero Rojas
The Council of State, the highest administrative court in Colombia has reversed a decision taken by the Colombian Patent Office (CPO) by means of which this Office denied patent protection to Colombian application No. 98.071.271 filed by the applicant Athena Neurosciences, Inc.
By Jorge Lara Urbaneja
There has been some relief for companies suffering under Colombia's largest financial crisis and on the verge of becoming insolvent since the mid-1990s - first under Law 222/1995 and then under Law 550/1999. In both cases creditors and debtors have had to deal with procedural and regulatory issues that obstruct settlement solutions, or impose time constraints on creditors, debtors, employees and shareholders reaching satisfactory restructuring agreements.