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By Nicola Benz, Ronald Kogens
Outsourcing of certain business processes is standard for most companies these days, even for small and mid-size companies.
By Gregor Wild
It lies in the nature of the blockchain technology that the control and securing of blockchain transactions have a non-proprietary character.
By Lucien Valloni
For companies domiciled in Switzerland or other parties wishing to avert an impending lawsuit abroad in Switzerland or before Swiss courts ...
By Sabina Schellenberg, Patrick Dietrich
The opening of insolvency or debt-restructuring proceedings can lead to considerable uncertainties for the parties involved.
By Tenzin Dahortsang, Oliver Arter, Daisy Vacher
On 1 September 2017, the revised law on reproductive medicine and the revised reproductive medicine ordinance came into force in Switzerland
By Catherine Morf
Interest rates on intra group loans are a recurring topic. The Swiss Federal Tax Administration (FTA) publishes safe harbour interest rates on an annual basis in advance.
By Lucien Valloni, Davide Colacino
Extraordinary victory for football player Ezequiel Matias Schelotto achieved. Dr. Lucien W. Valloni and Davide Colacino successfully represented the football player Ezeqiuel Matias ...
By Demian Stauber
With the growing universe of blockchain based systems and applications, legal questions associated with this technology emerge and require consideration (ideally) before substantial sums are invested.
By Dany Vogel
Much has been written and discussed about how blockchain technology would bring about fundamental changes to the financial industry which could actually threaten the very existence of banks ...
By Marcel R. Jung
The purpose of the extraordinary General Meeting of the Swiss Branch of the International Fiscal Association (IFA) on 8 February 2018 in Basel was to concretise the tax law provisions ...
By Oliver Arter, Daisy Vacher
According to a new leading case of the Federal Supreme Court, the purchase of property by Swiss nationals may require authorization if it is substantially financed by foreigners.
By Michael Fischer
This Q&A addresses the questions relevant to the Swiss regime of forfait or lump sum taxation. Next to income and wealth tax it also covers inheritance tax ...
By Ronald Kogens
In this first blog of a series on Blockchain Technology we will look at Initial Token Offerings. Increasingly start-up companies are using initial token offerings (ITO, also called initial coin offerings or ICO) ...
By Oliver Arter, Daisy Vacher
By judgment of 28 June 2017, the Swiss Federal Supreme Court re-examined the rights and obligations of an heir who was completely excluded from succession in a disposition of property upon death.
By Daisy Vacher, Benjamin Dürig, Felix M. Mathis
Whether you are a company based in Switzerland, or a company based abroad hoping to send employees to Switzerland for work, understanding the applicable Swiss immigration requirements is crucial.
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