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By Ricardo Henriques (Abreu Advogados)
On the 14th of June 2019 (one year later than expected) Portugal finally approved Draft Law no. 120/XIII/3.Ş (GOV), implementing the (EU) Regulation 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR) in Portugal.
By Caroline Bouvier (Bernard – Hertz – Béjot)
The French data protection Agency (CNIL) recently issued Guidelines on the use of cookies for advertising purposes.
By Conor Griffin (Duncan Grehan & Partners Solicitors)
Marketing and advertising for alcoholic drinks are already required to adhere to the ASAI's Code of Standards for Advertising and Marketing Communications in Ireland, regardless of the medium in which they appear.
By Jeffrey A Greenbaum (Frankfurt Kurnit Klein Selz)
Two new studies from the WHO say that many baby foods are improperly marketed as suitable for infants under the age of six months, and that many of these foods also contain inappropriately high levels of sugar.
By Jeffrey A Greenbaum (Frankfurt Kurnit Klein Selz)
If you're promoting your airline on social media, what do you think are some of the most effective marketing techniques? How about, "we've got less legroom" or "we'll probably lose your bags"?
By David Wolberg (Kuperschmit, Goldstein & Co.)
The airline, quoting the Airline Services Act, was willing to pay a significantly lesser amount.
By Angus Forsyth (Stevenson, Wong & Co.)
Personal Data Privacy - Hong Kong.
By Virginie Liebermann (MOLITOR Avocats ŕ la Cour)
Online intermediation services present an opportunity for businesses to expand their market scope and commercial prospects.
By Matthew Rowbotham (Lewis Silkin)
And a lot of those tech giants happen to be US-based.
By Daniël Haije (Hoogenraad & Haak)
The Court does attempt to strike a balance between the freedom of the arts (of the sample user) and the exclusive rights of the phonogram producer, but IMHO fails miserably.
By Craig Whitney (Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz)
The "work made for hire" doctrine is a fundamental aspect of U.S. copyright law. It allows someone paying for the creation of a copyrightable work to own the copyright in that commissioned work.
By Alex Meloy (Lewis Silkin)
So, you wait months for the first ASA decision under the new gender stereotyping rules and then three come along all at once – two upheld, one not upheld.
By Justina Zhang (TransAsia Lawyers)
On July 1, Dali Foods Group, a well-known Chinese foods conglomerate listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, was fined CNY 36,730,400 (USD 5,340,817) by the Jiangsu Province market supervision administration ...
By Teresa Le Maitre (Antequera Parilli & Rodríguez)
On August 5, 2019, US President Donald J. Trump expanded existing US sanctions on Venezuela with a new Executive Order that prohibits US individuals or companies from engaging in transactions with the Government of Venezuela, ...
By Geraint Lloyd-Taylor (Lewis Silkin)
While it doubtless has good intentions, the ASA has seemingly let its keenness to enforce the new rules on harmful gender stereotypes override its common sense in this first batch of rulings.
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