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By Michael Koch, Julie Rosenthal, Sarah Stothart
The Competition Tribunal today released its lengthy reasons for dismissing an application brought by the Commissioner of Competition (the "Commissioner")...
By Chris Sunstrum, Alexandra Murray
Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) recently announced that they will review the regulatory framework governing Automatic Securities Disposition Plans (ASDPs),...
By Monica Creery
In Darmar Farms Inc. v. Syngenta Canada Inc., the Ontario Court of Appeal allowed a claim of "negligent commercialization" to proceed where the introduction of a new product into the market ...
By Jesse-Ross Cohen, Richard Corley, Niki Kermani
In June 2019, Canada's federal House of Commons passed a motion (186 to 63 votes) to declare a national climate emergency.
By David Zitzerman
In a typical copyright infringement lawsuit, an artist who created and owns a copyrighted work sues the party that uses their work without permission or compensation.
By Jordan D. Scopa, Jaclyn Tilak, Duncan Lurie
Under the former Former Regulations, section 6 applications only served to determine whether the generic's allegations of non-infringement or invalidity were justified...
By Daniel Cohen, Monique McAlister, Peter Ruby
Last week, the Privacy Commissioner of Canada determined that Loblaw Companies Ltd. initially collected more personal information than it needed with respect to the $25 Loblaw gift cards it made available to customers ...
By Michael Koch, Daniel Cohen, Julie Rosenthal
In an expansion of section 36 of the Competition Act, an eight member majority of the Supreme Court has ruled that "umbrella purchasers" can be class members in price-fixing class actions.
By Tamryn Jacobson, Ryan Cookson, Samantha Galway
This week, the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) began its regular Fall sittings.
By David Zitzerman, Michael Koch, Amalia Berg
The decision of the Supreme Court of Canada (the "Court") in Keatley Surveying Ltd. v. Teranet Inc. represents the Court's first opportunity to examine the scope and application of section 12 of the Copyright Act.
By Jennifer Ehrlich, Michelle Roth, Andrew Schipper
Where the Director determines that a public consultation is not required.
By Michael Richards, Howard Wise
This classification continues all the way down the construction pyramid.
By Allan Goodman, Michael Partridge, Andrew Schipper
Last month, the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) issued a no-action letter to Pocketful of Quarters, Inc. (PoQ), a Connecticut-based gaming start-up looking to issue tokens on the Ethereum
By Allan Goodman, Michael Partridge, Andrew Schipper
The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) recently approved a settlement agreement with cryptocurrency consulting company CoinLaunch Corp over allegations the company engaged in, and held itself out as engaging in, the business...
By Jonathan Feldman, Tara Hunt
Whether the corporation has adopted term limits or other mechanisms of board renewal and either a description of those term limits or mechanisms or the reasons why it has not adopted them.
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