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By Buzescu Ca
The legal vehicles mostly used by the investors in Romania are the limited liability company (LLC), joint stock company (JSC), the branch, and the Representative Office.
By Buzescu Ca
The provisions of the Law no. 677 apply when the data controller (i) is domiciled in Romania, or (ii) uses equipment or means to process personal data located in Romania.
By Buzescu Ca
Romania was one of the pioneering countries in the oil and gas sector. The recent commercial discoveries gave an impetus to investment in this sector.
By Buzescu Ca
In the case of the land of public domain, the local authority is entitled to decide whether it will award a concession, or will conclude a lease contract based on the provisions of the EGO no. 54.
By Buzescu Ca
This is a summary of the requirements for access to the Romanian electricity trading market.
By Buzescu Ca
A company is considered resident if its head office is registered in Romania or has its effective place of management in Romania.
By Buzescu Ca
The Competition Law defines an economic concentration as merger of two or more companies, or by a company taking over the control of another independent company.
By Peter Buzescu
Romanian Public Procurement Laws.