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By Kei Ito, Hironori Kino
The Exemption allows a GP to conduct marketing activities and investment management activities for the LPS without being registered as either a Type II FIBO or an IMBO.
By Kaku Hirao, Mark Tudor, Yoshiaki Otsuki
By Kaku Hirao, Mark Tudor, Yoshiaki Otsuki
Due to many factors, including the international nature of the energy and natural resources ("ENR") sector, the location of many projects in countries perceived to be at "high risk" for bribery and . . .
By Mark Tudor
‘Knock for knock' is an arrangement commonly used in the offshore oil and gas industry. It often gains attention only in the litigation arising after a major disaster . . .
By Isamu Imaizumi, Maria Ramirez, Nguyen Dang Minh
The government of Vietnam has mostly focused its renewable energy plans on wind energy and biomass production but recently, solar energy is starting to take center stage...
By Naoya Ariyoshi, Susumu Tanizawa, Hideki Katagiri
On May 25, 2016, in response to the progress of information and communications technology, etc., the Payment Services Act and several Finance Related Laws including the Banking Act...
By Hideshi Obara, Jirapong Sriwat, Apinya Sarntikasem
Private investment in the business of electricity generation in Thailand can be classified into three types based on the total electricity production capacity...
By Naoya Ariyoshi, Maya Ito
The amendments should also enable foreign corporate groups with Japanese subsidiaries to efficiently manage their funds.
By Michihiro Mori, Kazuhiro Yanagida
Under current Japanese business recovery practices, the term ‘pre-packaged’ is used more broadly than in Chapter 11 of the US Bankruptcy Code.