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By Mark Miller, Brian Friel, Bernard Bell, Tae Andrews, William O’Neil, Tab Turano
A federal district judge in Illinois has issued an important ruling in the opioid insurance coverage wars, finding coverage for a $3.5 million settlement between an opioid ...
By Mark Miller, Brian Friel, Bernard Bell, Tae Andrews, William O’Neil, Tab Turano
We are often asked by clients to compare the claims practices of leading insurance carriers, which often leads to a conversation about Lloyd's of London's current insurance claim resolution practices.
By Mark Miller, Brian Friel, Bernard Bell, Tae Andrews, William O’Neil, Tab Turano
Reminiscent of those television adds where the insurance company brags about having seen everything, and paid it, the case of Capital Flip, LLC v. American Modern Select Insurance Company
By Mark Miller
New York has taken a two-prong approach to dealing with sexual abuse claims. First, the state legislature enacted the NY Child Victims Act.
By Brian Friel
We recently obtained a favorable court ruling on behalf of our client, Tecumseh Products Company LLC, on an insurance coverage issue that has vexed corporate policyholders for decades
By Mark Miller
Over the years, we have seen some crazy defenses raised by insurers attempting to limit their exposure for corporate insurance claims.
By Bernard Bell
Miller Friel attorney Bernard Bell recently presented a continuing legal education program entitled Insurance Coverage Basics for the In-House Attorney.
By Brian Friel
We have received numerous requests from businesses seeking to understand insurance coverage for phishing scams.
By Mark Miller, Brian Friel, Bernard Bell, Miles Karson, William O’Neil, Tab Turano
The starting point for any organization seeking to understand cyber insurance claims and coverage is to understand potential cyber-related losses.
By Mark Miller
In today's blog post, Mark Miller addresses another issue pertaining to the role of insurance broker claims advocates, namely a misperception that some brokers...
By Mark Miller
Cyber insurance for business interruption losses is of great importance to business This year business interruption ranked as the leading threat to companies globally, with cyber incidents acting...
By Mark Miller
A question that corporate policyholders should ask before entering insurance coverage arbitration is whether arbitration is a viable way to resolve a complex corporate insurance dispute.
By Brian Friel
In this post, Miller Friel attorney Brian Friel discusses media liability insurance claims and how insurance carriers improperly deny media liability insurance claims.
By William O’Neil
There have been a series of recent high profile cyber insurance claim denials.
By Miles Karson
Providing notice for governmental investigations is fraught with difficulty.