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By Joseph Lappin
Joseph Lappin speaks to Lexis Nexis on the Resolution Foundation's recommendation of new policies to "tackle imbalance and unfairness" in employment.
By Debbie Chism
Debbie Chism featured in the latest Citywealth weekly newsletter, discussing the pros and cons of a financial clean break on divorce compared to ongoing spousal maintenance.
By Matthew Humphries, Emily Goddard
In his 18th View from the President's Chambers, Sir James Munby outlines his vision to revolutionise the system for financial remedy proceedings, beginning with a new Financial Remedies Court pilot launching early this year.
By Pia Mithani, Ian Gatt
A new weapon in the war on dirty money has attracted much press attention and legal commentary recently – the Unexplained Wealth Order.
By Emma Hatley, Sophie Chapman
Faced with a recalcitrant husband, the court in LFL v LSL (McKenzie Friends: breach of court orders) [2017] EWFC B62 offered a reminder of the impact of litigation misconduct in family proceedings.
By James Healy-Pratt
This particular helicopter operator, Papillon, has had eight accidents with 11 deaths and 13 injured.
By James Healy-Pratt, Peter Neenan, Sarah Stewart, Owen Hanna
Stewarts' Aviation team has issued proceedings in Chicago relating to Singapore Airlines Flight SQ368, which underwent an emergency landing at Singapore Changi Airport in June 2016.
By Martin Cox
Associate Martin Cox considers the recent High Court decision of Peel Port Shareholder Finance Company Ltd v Dornoch Ltd, in which the court declined to exercise its discretion ...
By Christopher Deacon
By the summer 2018 the EU Package Travel Directive will become part of UK law, offering increased protection for consumer holiday bookings and closing a gap in consumer protection for holidays booked online.
By Hugh Johnson
The legal principles behind breach of duty by medical professionals are well established and have developed since the landmark decision in Bolam in 1957.
By Amy Heath
Many solicitors dislike experts' meetings.
By Rebecca Hill
Lacking mental capacity can have a profound impact on a person's needs and in turn an expert's recommendations for the future.
By Warren Maxwell
Defendant sentenced to 16 months for causing serious injury by dangerous driving following Eid celebration crash
By Emma Hatley
In a year in which high-profile ‘special contribution' divorce cases have hit the headlines, Spear's Family Lawyer of the Year Emma Hatley explains how the argument ...
By Matthew Knowles
One of the characteristics of international arbitration that users sometimes find frustrating is the very limited potential to consolidate into a single arbitration disputes ...