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By Clark Armstrong
As is said in the metric world, a gram of prevention is worth a kilogram of cure. This is especially true when it comes to corporations.
By Anne M. Reinhart
The cremation rate in Canada is increasing steadily and rapidly as more and more people choose cremation as a means of final disposition.
By Cynthia Kuehl
The bridge across the Kaministiquia River in Thunder Bay was open to railway, vehicle and pedestrian traffic for more than a hundred years.
By William Pepall
With the dog days of summer upon us, take a moment to cool off with the Top 5 Court of Appeal decisions from May: the latest entry in the Chevron saga; confirmation that discoverability applies to claims for contribution and indemnity under s. 18 of the Limitations Act, 2002; ...
By Jane Scholes
Many employment contracts include an agreement that, for some period of time following their employment, the employee will not work for a competitor ...
By Jacob Damstra
I recently had the opportunity to attend the 11th Annual Middlesex Law Association Mentoring Dinner. The dinner was framed around the theme of "What I didn't learn in law school ...
By Jennifer L. Hunter, Julia Boddy (Student-at-Law)
In 2015 in White Burgess Langille Inman v Abbott and Halibuton Co., 2015 SCC 23 the Supreme Court of Canada released a comprehensive decision on expert bias and how it relates to the admissibility ...
By Mark J. Freiman
For Raptors fans still smarting after the team was swept 4-0 in the second playoff round after a record-breaking 59 win regular season, here are my top 5 all time sports collapses following...
By Mark J. Freiman
In this case, a title insurer sought to avoid coverage for a mortgage fraud on the basis of a provision that excluded coverage for funds paid to any person other than the registered title holder.
By Paul Brooks
A motion for security for costs has potential to cause trouble for an employee, and can offer many benefits to a defendant, in the right circumstances.
By Jennifer L. Hunter
While expert witnesses are traditionally retained to provide their opinion on an issue in a case, parties sometimes retain experts for a more tactical purpose – to critique the opposing expert.
By Kimberly Cura
The Ontario Human Rights Code does not explicitly prevent an applicant from bringing an application against his/her employer after having executed a full and final release.
By Carolyn Lloyd
Arbitration is an out-of-court process that falls under the category of "Alternative/Appropriate Dispute Resolution". It is the process that most closely resembles a Court hearing or trial ...
By David G. Waites
In Ontario, the Court has recently emphasized that a cultural shift is necessary in Will challenges to prevent disgruntled relatives who are excluded from an Estate being able to force the Estate ...
By George A. Hamzo
Employment law refers to the rules that govern relations between employers and employees. The term "employment law" is usually juxtaposed with the term "labour law" ...
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