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By Singhania & Partners
Government has exempted the ‘group' exercising less than fifty per cent of voting rights in other enterprise from the provisions of section 5 of the said act for a period of five years.
By Singhania & Partners
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in India is permitted up to 100% in most sectors under automatic route without requiring prior approval of the government.
By Singhania & Partners
Share Sale closing formalities
By Singhania & Partners
Only power of attorney, if any, is required to be notarised.
By Singhania & Partners
Everything depends on the intentions of the parties.
By Singhania & Partners
Transfer of shares also attracts Stamp Duty on the execution of share transfer instrument.
By Singhania & Partners
The retrenched workmen are entitled to compensation as per the provisions of the Act.
By Singhania & Partners
The time frame for sale of asset and shares entirely depends on the parties and the complexity of the transaction.
By Singhania & Partners
Other officers are generally appointed by any director/management personnel so authorised by the Board of Directors in this regard.
By Dipak Rao, Sana Singh
As per the previous rules, the Patent Agent of the Applicant was required to submit duly authenticated copies in original e-filing of the same.
By Vikas Goel
Ever since the enactment of Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 ("Act"), Indian Legislature has been showing its intent to keep pace with the growing popularity of arbitration as preferred mode
By Ravi Singhania, Kanika Tandon
1.The territory should be signatory to the New York Convention.
By Ravi Singhania, Madhu Sweta
The decision to enter into a contractual relationship is inherent in every person capable of entering into a contract.
By Abhimeet Sinha, Prerna Beri
The approved Units shall have to execute lease deed/Leave and License with the Developer or Co –developer as the case may be for the allotted space.
By Shilpa Shah, Madhu Murthy
An individual's achievement is often linked to owning a Home or a piece of land or building and the Society is accustomed to judging a person's success in terms of investment in Real Estate.
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