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By Maree Martin, Alan Dickson, Christopher Bickley, Linda Martin, Preetha Pillai
The Companies (Amendment) Law 2019, which was published on 8 August 2019, introduces a new section 55A to the Companies Law (2018 Revision) which came into effect on 1 October 2019.
By Bernadette Chen, Christopher Bickley, Linda Martin, Preetha Pillai, Alan Dickson
The deadline for compliance with the above requirement is six months after the date of the commencement of the Amendment Law.
By Alec Anderson, Helen Cooper, Davina Hargun
In Bermuda there is no income or profits tax, withholding tax, capital gains tax, capital transfer tax or inheritance tax.
By Julie McLean, Angela Atherden
Bermuda is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom. As such, the Register of Aircraft is governed by a UK statute, the Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order 2013 (ANOTO).
By Rory O’Connor, Jarladth Travers, Derek Stenson
As the CLO market continues to thrive this year in both the EU and US lawmakers and regulators continue to express concern over systemic risk within CLOs.
By Nigel Meeson Q.C., Christian Luthi, Dawn Griffiths, Mark Forte, Robert Briant, Paul Smith, Craig Fulton
The collapse of an investment fund affected by a fraud will often lead to disputes between the investors who were paid out before the discovery of the fraud, the investors who gave notice to redeem ...
By Audrey Robertson
There are no taxes or duties payable as a consequence of the execution of an aircraft or engine sale agreement (including for the sale of an ownership interest in an entity) where the asset is either located physically ...
By Julie McLean, Angela Atherden
No taxes or duties are payable in Bermuda as a consequence of the execution of an aircraft or engine sale agreement, unless the agreement is physically executed in Bermuda and one of the parties is a local Bermuda company, ...
By Mark Forte, Alecia Johns, Lauren Peaty
In a judgment handed down by the British Virgin Islands High Court on 25 July 2019, Renaissance Ventures Ltd and another were awarded rectification of the share register of a billion dollar corporate group, Comodo Holdings Ltd.
By Charles Collis, Christopher Garrod, Sophia Greaves, Chiara Nannini
Amendments to the Insurance Act 1978, which became operative on 5 August, have introduced two new classes of insurer and a new category of insurance intermediary.
By Anton Goldstein, Rachael Pape
Under the ES Act, "legal entities" carrying on a "relevant activity" need to establish economic substance in the BVI.
By Richard Evans
As the new legal year begins, Conyers is pleased to note that the BVI Commercial Court has confirmed the appointment of the following Judges:
By Ben Adamson
The Court of Appeal strongly disagreed with this logic and ordered that the appeal should in any event be public.
By Audrey Robertson
There are no restrictions on foreign lenders financing an aircraft locally, nor on borrowers using the loan proceeds.
By Julie McLean, Angela Atherden
Whether such title transfer includes all installed parts (like an APU) would depend on the terms of the contract.
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