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By Octavio Espejo
It is common to say that you learn to howl when you walk with wolves
By Juan Carlos Amaro
Patents Comparative Guide for the jurisdiction of Mexico, check out our comparative guides section to compare across multiple countries
By Jorge Alejandro Alvarado
El secreto profesional en México es un tema frecuentemente poco abordado en los foros jurídicos mexicanos.
By Becerril, Coca & Becerril, S.C.
Los invitamos a leer el artículo publicado el 25 de julio en la revista NEO web dónde nuestro socio Octavio Espejo da su opinión respecto a la Propiedad Intelectual en el entorno digital.
By Héctor Chagoya
Los invitamos a leer el siguiente artículo en el que nuestro socio el Ing. Héctor Chagoya hace mención de como las patentes son un derecho fundamental que protege
By Selene M. Villafaña Robles
In the past years, this article of the Law generated legal disputes regarding its judicial interpretation.
By Octavio Espejo
After one year of the most significant amendment to the Mexican legislation related to Industrial Designs, some of the expected changes have occurred. However, in certain aspects, the previous practice has prevailed.
By Emilio Albarrán
The Mexican Industrial Property (IP) Law was recently amended on past May 18, 2018 and entered into force as from August 10, 2018.
By Héctor Chagoya
After this last change, notification related to published patent applications will be made only through the official gazette.
By Octavio Espejo
The Mexican Industrial Property Law was reformed twice in 2018.
By Fernando Becerril
The change of leadership in the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) could not be different.
By Emilio Gárate
Nowadays, the treatment and processing of personal data and consequently, its regulation, have taken great relevance.
By Rosa E. Nuria Becerril
On past December 1st, 2018, five months after the largest electoral process that has occurred in the history of Mexico, the inauguration of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador took place.
By Mariana González, Lino Almazán
Polymorphism refers to the ability of a compound to exhibit more than one crystalline form
By Emilio Gárate
Those who wish to operate, use, negotiate or obtain virtual assets will be subject to the Fintech Law.
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