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By Maria Tsabal, Tetiana Mykhailenko
The term "synthetic" loan is generally used to describe an artificial financial instrument where a loan is denominated in a base currency (X) but disbursed and repaid in a different currency (Y).
By Glib Bondar
Due to limited or no appetite for Ukrainian risk and global finance markets volatility, capital markets and traditional bank lending are no longer easily accessible to Ukrainian borrowers.
By Olena Polyakova
The manner in which a lending transaction is structured is critical to the overall deal success.
By Artem Shyrkozhukhov
As the second wave of the global financial crisis unveiled in the second half of 2011, the capital markets virtually closed for Ukrainian businesses.
By Kostiantyn Likarchuk, Mykyta Nota
Traditionally M&A transactions involving Ukrainian targets are structured in a specific way in order to reflect peculiarities of the Ukrainian business environment.
By Gennadii Roschepii
From the moment foreign investors enter Ukraine they face a non-Western standard business environment, confusing and unstable legislation, and bureaucracy.
By Olena Banna
On the way to the European integration, the Ukrainian Government is taking significant steps to improve Ukrainian energy sector.
By Mykyta Nota, Mariya Detkova
Sophisticated M&A transactions include not only straightforward share purchase agreements but may also contemplate ancillary agreements.
By Mykola Stetsenko, Yuriy Nechayev
Development of efficient tax and corporate structures from the shareholders’ and potential investors’ perspective are key issues in a business restructuring.
By Mykola Stetsenko, Yuriy Nechayev
Unlike Western developed economies, Ukraine has only recently started to unlock its potential in the area of attracting investments from Private Equity Funds ("PEFs").
By Artem Shyrkozhukhov
In recent months, China has been dominating media headlines in connection with exchange rate disputes with the United States and possible participation of China in the bailout of some eurozone nations.
By Yuriy Nechayev
The "green" tariff for electricity (also known in many other jurisdictions as the "feed-in" tariff) was introduced in Ukraine relatively recently – only in 2008. Since that time it has evolved substantially and now appears to be quite mature in terms of the legislative base.
By Mykola Stetsenko, Glib Bondar, Kostiantyn Likarchuk
Starting from 16 October 2011 new rules apply to liability for obligations of legal entities reorganized by way of merger, acquisition, division, spin-off, or conversion.
By Mykola Stetsenko
With the global financial crisis approaching its end, the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity is picking up in Ukraine.
By Mykola Stetsenko, Glib Bondar
Despite the fact that Ukrainian legislation on securities has changed substantially in recent years, share placement by Ukrainian issuer ("Issuer") on foreign stock exchanges remains poorly regulated.