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Jones Day
By John Marlott
After SAS, does institution of an IPR make a district court more or less likely to stay a parallel litigation? Maybe, maybe not.
By Kenneth Luchesi
In Henny Penny Corp. v. Frymaster L.L.C., No. IPR2016-01435, (P.T.A.B. Mar. 16, 2017), the petitioner (HPC) challenged certain claims of U.S. Patent No. 8,497,691, ...
By Margaret R. Blake, Laura S. Pruitt, Michael Butowsky, Sergio Alvarez-Mena
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission seeks comment on proposed exemption from broker registration for certain activities by municipal advisors.
By Maria Yiasemides, Roger Dobson, Evan J. Sylwestrzak
The Situation: Should liquidators be removed under section 90-15 of the Insolvency Practice Schedule (Corporations) in circumstances where they engaged in preappointment...
By Matthew Martel, Joseph Sconyers, Keith M. Kollmeyer, Emily Robey-Phillips
The Situation: Student loan debt in the United States stands at an all-time high of approximately $1.5 trillion spread across more than 44 million borrowers.
By John Evans, Kerry A. Barrett
Design patent obviousness requires a heavy threshold burden of proof. Challengers have to find a "primary reference," i.e., prior art that has "basically the same"
By Evan J. Sylwestrzak, Lucas Wilk, Roger Dobson, Katie Higgins, Maria Yiasemides
A liquidator can reject a "double proof" for what is, in substance, the same debt as another accepted proof of debt.
By Jayant W. Tambe, Stephen Obie, Ryan J. Andreoli, Nina Yadava
The common thread that seems to explain the Second Circuit's divergent decisions in Brent Crude and Choi is the location of the alleged misconduct.
By Ryan Thomas, John Majoras, Keira M. Campbell
The United States Department of Justice Antitrust Division ("DOJ") has provided details on the unprecedented use of arbitration to resolve its challenge to the proposed acquisition of Aleris Corporation by Novelis Inc.
By Christopher Pace, Ricardo Puente
Rick Puente and Chris Pace review recent case developments, discuss the appointment of new National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien, and talk about what parties possibly affected by Helms-Burton should expect next.
By Jones Day
Reacting promptly and effectively to a data breach is key to containing it and limiting its damage.
By Shannon Finch, Mark Crean, Michael Lishman, Brett Heading
Civil penalty liability now affects prospectuses and takeover documents, and the existing criminal and civil liability regimes for these documents have defences to liability.
By Richard DeNatale
The CCPA takes effect in January 2020.
By Brett A. Shumate, Michael B. Hazzard, Bruce Olcott
Court's ruling opens the door to state-level net neutrality regulation.
By Roger Dobson, Katie Higgins, Lucas Wilk, Kane Kersaitis
An assignee of loans owed by the Arrium Group sued certain officers of the Arrium Group, alleging they had made negligent misstatements or misrepresentations in drawdown and rollover notices issued prior to the assignment.
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