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By Yigal Arnon & Co
עו"ד שירה להט, שותפה במשרד עוה"ד יגאל ארנון ושות'
By Shira Lahat
Recent child abuse incidents in kindergartens have caused many parents to employ private caregivers. The salary is usually given in cash, and many parents are unaware
By Yigal Arnon & Co
In January 2019, approximately 200 representatives from nearly 100 Japanese companies, including Mitsubishi and Toshiba, accompanied the Japanese Minster of the Economy, Hiroshige Seko to Israel.
By Niv Zecler, Ronit Amir- Yaniv, Ofer Argov
In January 2019, an extensive amendment to the Economic Competition Law, 5748-1988 (formerly the Anti-Trust Law) came into effect. Inter alia,
By Adrian Daniels
It certainly looks like some significant institutional players have realized that the best way to deal with the revolution is to join it and shape it to their requirements.
By Ronit Amir- Yaniv
בחודש ינואר 2019 נכנס לתוקף תיקון רחב היקף בחוק התחרות הכלכלית, התשמ"ח – 1988) בעבר חוק ההגבלים &
By Hagai Shmueli
He is a graduate of the Guy Shmueli College. The days of the beginning of 1978, he says, were particularly turbulent,
By Lee Maor
In Israel, unlike the United States, there is no strict procedure forcing the parties in a real estate transaction to conduct examinations about the status of the property
By Yigal Arnon & Co
A good lawyer knows the law but a great lawyer knows the judge". While this famous phrase is usually quoted, humorously, with a negative connotation
By Roy Shasho
The multiple derivative claim is concerned with the situation in which the plaintiff of the derivative claim - and in fact the applicant for approval of the derivative claim
By Yuval Shalhevet
The Supreme Court's decision that Bates of Gold will be able to manage its account at the bank has shifted its focus to the Bank of Israel, that it is necessary to set criteria that will block dangerous activity, ...
By Yuval Shalhevet
The Supreme Court decision that Bates of Gold will be able to manage its account at the bank has shifted its focus to the Bank of Israel
By Netanella Treistman
Before regulators run to punish companies that have been hit by a burglary - who will try to cooperate.
By Ronit Amir- Yaniv
שנת 2018 הייתה שנת שיא בעולם ההייטק בישראל. אלפי סטארט-אפים נפתחו ומאות סטארט-אפים קיימי
By Amnon Lorch, Guy Sagiv, Avi Schoen
The recent amendment to the Legal Competency and Guardianship Law has revolutionized this sector, primarily because of the new provision allowing for a Durable Power of Attorney.
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