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By Rubina Cateau
The purpose of trade mark registration is to offer an exclusive right to use a mark, a sort of monopoly, which must be restrained to a specific class of goods or services in most jurisdictions.
By Marius Schneider, Nora Ho Tu Nam
More and more African states are joining the Madrid Protocol for the International Registration of trade marks.
By Marius Schneider, Surishta Chetamun
Mauritius follows a system of national exhaustion whereby owners of trade marks and designs can take action against parallel imported goods.
By Kelly Atioune
This means that third parties are only made aware of the existence of a trade mark once it has been registered by the OAPI administration and published for opposition.
By Nora Ho Tu Nam, Marius Schneider
Traditionally, the rationale behind apposing brand names on goods is to help customers distinguish between similar products and ensure that manufacturers produce work of consistent quality.