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By Erik Ullberg (Wistrand)
In January 2019, the Swedish Consumer Ombudsman filed a lawsuit against one of the biggest Swedish female influencers "Kenza".
By Gary Kibel (Davis & Gilbert LLP), Oriyan Gitig (Davis & Gilbert LLP)
The European Union's (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) celebrated its one year anniversary a few weeks ago.
By Gary Kibel (Davis & Gilbert LLP), Richard Eisert (Davis & Gilbert ), Justin H. Lee (Davis & Gilbert LLP)
With approximately six months remaining before the California Consumer Privacy Act comes into effect, businesses that operate a website or an online service now have another privacy law that they need to consider.
By Jeffrey A Greenbaum (Frankfurt Kurnit Klein Selz)
Facebook just announced additional changes to its political advertising rules in order to "protect elections and prepare for the US 2020 election."
By Brinsley Dresden (Lewis Silkin)
Just when it appeared that the UK's political situation was beyond parody, The Economist have come along and proved that it is not, as illustrated by this image on their latest cover.
By Brinsley Dresden (Lewis Silkin)
A lavish, expensive ad for Dior's 'Sauvage' fragrance has been pulled just as it was about to launch, in the midst of accusations of cultural appropriation.
By Justina Zhang (TransAsia Lawyers)
The Guidelines also require that the production date and use by period of the health food be clearly marked on the sales package, along with the producer's service hotline.
By Uri Weinstok (BLP)
This is a very comprehensive reform, comprising virtually all the activities of competition authorities.
By Brinsley Dresden (Lewis Silkin)
To be fair, there is nothing to suggest that the model is an employee of the ASA.
By Jeffrey A Greenbaum (Frankfurt Kurnit Klein Selz)
Arrests were made in the United States, Nigeria, Turkey, Ghana, France, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom.
By Ladislav Madl
The Czech Ministry of Health is currently taking steps to restrict alcohol and cigarette consumption.
By Brinsley Dresden (Lewis Silkin)
Today, the ASA has added another decision to its burgeoning collection of adjudications about the new gender stereotyping rule.
By Jeffrey A Greenbaum (Frankfurt Kurnit Klein Selz)
While I was in Moscow over the last few days talking about advertising law issues with lawyers from around the world, there were some recurring themes that came up
By Brinsley Dresden (Lewis Silkin)
A pattern is now emerging of the ASA rejecting complaints about social media campaigns for restricted products, such as HFSS and alcohol
By Stefan Kofler (Greiter, Pegger, Kofler & Partners)
In a recent decision the Austrian Court of Appeal in Vienna rejected an application to have the term "Black Friday" registered as trademark
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