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By Lei Fu, Bin Zhang
The number of trademark registrations in China is rapidly increasing. Economic developments, increasing public awareness of the importance of IP protection ...
By Hui Chen, Gang Hu
In recent years, the number of trademark registration applications in China has been increasing year by year. With the rapid increase in the number of trademark registration applications in China
By Hongxia Wu
It is often stated that in China a well-known trademark enjoys the broadest protection in a trademark legal system. This article will help you clearly understand how broad the protection scope
By Xiaojun Guo
The Supreme Court of China issued the Interpretation on Several Issues Concerning the Application of Law in the Trial of Disputes over Infringement of Patent Rights in 2009.
By Hongxia Wu
Well-known trademark recognition is a systematic and challenging project in China. This article will be discussing five important aspects of well-known trademark
By Chengyan Zhao, Gang Hu
Recently, DSM IP ASSETS B.V. (hereinafter referred as DSM B.V.) represented by CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office vs. the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board of the State Administration
By Gang Hu
The Chinese government has established the protection of intellectual property rights as an important aspect in shaping a good business environment. It has vowed to strengthen
By CCPIT Patent & Trademark Law Office
The PRC Supreme People's Court has rendered verdict in favour of DSM Dyneema B.V. and DSM IP Assets B.V. in the re-trial of the administrative lawsuits over the opposition against the trademark
By Deqiang Zhu
Since a preliminary injunction can stop acts infringing upon IP rights quickly before the final judgment for an action is made, or even before the action is filed
By CCPIT Patent & Trademark Law Office
During 41 years' of reform and opening-up, China has been striving to inspire innovation from within and building up its IP system. Number of IPRs has been constantly
By CCPIT Patent & Trademark Law Office
CNNIC ccTLD Dispute Resolution Policy (CNDRP) was revised on June 18, 2019. According to the newly revised Article 2 "the Dispute Resolution Service Providers do not accept the Complaint regarding
By CCPIT Patent & Trademark Law Office
According to the relevant regulations of the State, since July 01, 2019, the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) will reduce the official fees for certain trademark registrations as follows:
By Xiaojun Guo
Sometimes, the patent owner or a person in privity may want to sue not only the company infringing on his patent right, but also the actual controlling person of the company, in order to stifle repeated infringement
By CCPIT Patent & Trademark Law Office
China is traditionally aligned with civil law system, but in recent years the Supreme People's Courts (SPC) have complied and published over a hundred guiding cases aimed at standardizing legal practice and forming a uniform criterion in adjudication.
By CCPIT Patent & Trademark Law Office
Chinese judicial system is generally divided into 4 tiers: Basic People's Courts, Intermediate People's Courts, High People's Courts, and the Supreme People's Court, corresponding with 4 levels of administrative divisions.