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By Frances Wilding, David Lewin
Numbers of patent applications related to "blockchain" developments have increased more or less exponentially in the last couple of years.
By Susan Gregory
Today is World Mental Health Day, an opportune moment to encourage discussion and raise awareness for mental health.
By Brett Landon
This year marks the 209th anniversary of Oktoberfest; the world-famous beer festival which celebrates Bavarian culture on the famous Theresienwiese grounds in Munich.
By Haseltine Lake LLP
The final session of the day was a panel discussion on the new Rules of Procedure of the Board of Appeal hosted by Joe Lenthall and with Christopher Rennie-Smith and David Brown
By Brett Landon
Pasteur's system cooled fermenting broth in vessels to protect the beer from unwanted airborne contamination
By Andrew Flaxman
From 14 to 22 September 2019, areas of London will be transformed using a combination of art and technology, with the appearance of hundreds of installations as part of the annual London Design Festival.
By Jordan Davies
London Fashion Week is almost over, the first shows for the Spring/Summer 2020 collections commenced on 13th September.
By Brian Whitehead
Haseltine Lake Kempner has operated in China since 2009. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of our Chinese office, we take a quick look at trends in Chinese IP litigation since 2009.
By Vivek Raghavan
Like most other people, I can't say that I have much fondness for exams or revising for them.
By Robert Margue
The Enlarged Board of Appeal of the EPO recently had to decide (G 2/19) an intriguing question arising from the relocation of the Boards of Appeal to the municipality of Haar in the Munich district
By David Brown, James Ward, Robert Margue, David O'Connell, David Lewin, Joseph Lenthall
The EPO has announced that the Rules of Procedure of the Boards of Appeal have been revised with effect from 1 January 2020.
By Laura Compton
When planning your outfits for festival season in the UK, consideration for the rain and the mud is vital.
By Robyn Hardisty
In honour of World Photography Day, we consider how copyright affects photography and look at some famous copyright disputes.
By Ariana Sadr-Hashemi
As part of World Cleanup Day this year, the Green Series is taking a look at how we can reduce the size of landfills.
By Bethany Brown
"Words are life" – The Book Thief. Never is this more true than when said about an author, whose income and livelihood come from people paying to read (or hear, since the invention of audiobooks) the words...