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By Ian Montgomery, Richard Doyle, Christian Hidalgo
The issue of succession may not be a primary consideration when incorporating a company in the BVI or indeed in any jurisdiction.
By Simon Heggs, Mike Williams, Stephen Adams, Alan de Saram
When considering the place to establish your company for raising capital on the international markets, offshore financial centres can provide a number of advantages.
By Alan de Saram, Stephen Nelson, Natalie Bell, Laura Smalley
New legislation came into effect on 1 January 2019 in the Cayman Islands which requires certain Cayman Islands entities carrying on certain activities to demonstrate that they have sufficient "economic substance" ...
By Ian Montgomery, Mike Williams, Stephen Adams, Richard Doyle, Christian Hidalgo
The draft Economic Substance Code has now been published by the ITA and contains rules and guidance from the ITA with regard to the application of the Economic Substance (Companies and Limited Partnerships) Act 2018.
By Ian Montgomery
Succession planning for offshore incorporations, particularly those where companies are controlled by one individual, needs careful consideration.
By Anna Douglass, Donald Millar, Jeff O'Boyle
Foreign companies which hold UK property will have to register details of their beneficial owners on a public register under plans announced by David Cameron yesterday at the Anti-Corruption Summit in London.
By Iain Beresford
Improper use of any client feedback mechanism can easily result in unnecessarily negative views purely as a result of a misapplication of the mechanism.
By Jeff O'Boyle
Despite some volatility in the market, house prices in Central London are predicted to rise by 5% in 2016.
By Hana Plsek
Have you updated your staff handbook and procedures to reflect the new maternity and adoption provisions?
By Michael Morris, Angela Calnan
With the introduction of the new 3% SDLT band for buy-to-let investors – effective from 1 April, attention is now turning to the impact for UK property prices of British exit from the European Union...
By Jason Green, Harry Round
The recent decision of the Supreme Court of England and Wales poses important points to be considered by commercial landlords, tenants and agents...
By Michael Adkins, Christian Hay
In this guide we hope to give our readers a refresher course on Guernsey's insolvency laws in the hope that they will be in a better equipped when one of their clients 'goes under'.
By Nin Ritchie, Emma Taylor
In October 2015 we reported on the UK's consultation papers outlining HMRC's proposed two pronged approach to tackling facilitators and enablers of offshore tax evasion.
By Joe Le Cheminant
The cost of processing an application for an Immunity Certificate will rise from £50.00 to £70.00 on 1 May 2016.
By Matt Litten, Coryn Le Clerc
There has been an explosion of entrants to the ranks of the super or ultra wealthy in recent years. Members of wealthy families are mobile and base themselves in diverse jurisdictions.
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