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By Your Legal Partners
A public consultation ending on 24.09.2019 on a draft law, for the implementation of a new national development program has been initiated.
By Your Legal Partners
By virtue of a ministerial decision issued in July 2019 the obligations of special types of companies to be registered in the Central Beneficial Owner Register (CBOR) were clarified.
By Your Legal Partners
By virtue of L.4557/2018 as recently amended by L.4607/2019 and a decision issued by the Ministry of Finance in mid June 2019, the Central Beneficial Owner Register has been set up and the process for the ...
By Your Legal Partners
The draft law on the General Commercial Register (GCR or GEMI in Greek) was submitted to open public consultation ending on 10.5.2019.
By Your Legal Partners
Law 4605/2019 on the harmonization of Greek law with Directive 2016/943 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 8/6/16 on the protection of undisclosed know-how and business information (trade secrets) ...
By Your Legal Partners
This draft law will reportedly be submitted to a vote in the Greek parliament in February 2019.
By Your Legal Partners
It is expected that this deficiency will be remedied through the issue of a separate tax law, regulating the issue.
By Yiannis Palassakis, Katerina Christodoulou, Alexandros Georgiou, Evita Oikonomou
Greek banks are under significant pressure to dispose their non-performing assets. They can choose between Greek Securitization Law and NPL Law to sell massively their loans.
By Elli Sperdokli,, Katerina Christodoulou
Risks potentially entailed for the company's directors/managers and shareholders.
By Katerina Christodoulou, Elli Sperdokli,
A number of measures imposing a short-­‐‑term bank holiday and capital controls are put into effect by the Greek legislator.
By Evelina Papadimitropoulou, Katerina Christodoulou
A Procedure for the Express Settlement of Minor Debts has been introduced.
By Sofia Kontogiorou, Katerina Christodoulou
Important amendments to the provisions of the Greek Code of Civil Procedure will come into effect from 01.01.2016 onwards by virtue of Law 4335/2015.
By Katerina Christodoulou
The Purchasing Companies should at all times maintain a share capital up to 100,000 euros.
By Maria Golfinopoulou, Andreas Tsourouflis
On January 27th 2016 the new General Secretary of Public Revenue, acting on behalf of the Greek Government, signed a multilateral agreement which aims to boost international co‑operation on tax issues.
By Katerina Christodoulou, Vasia Katranidou
Crowd‑funding is known as a new, accessible by the wider public way of funding a project, a goal or a business with small amounts usually through online platforms.