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By Bruce Adkins, Michael MacGinley
This briefing includes recent mining deals, market rumours, potential opportunities and relevant regulatory updates.
By Michael Earwaker, Andrew Chew, Blake Osmond
The proposed Design and Building Practitioners Bill 2019 is in response to recommendations in the Shergold-Weir Report.
By Chris Pagent, Josephine Allan
It is still unclear whether certain torts are still relevant but we know litigation funding agreements are not illegal in Qld.
By Rhys Jewell, Colin Tan, Mark Wilks
Commissioner of Taxation announced that ATO will take a tougher stance on challenging claims of legal professional privilege.
By Mark McCowan
The Digital Platforms Inquiry's final report foreshadows a sustained escalation in ACCC's scrutiny of digital platforms.
By Robert Clarke, Phoebe Wynn-Pope, Pabiola Choi
It is increasingly necessary for financial investors to examine the risks of controlling entity and affiliate liability.
By Rommel Harding-Farrenberg, Clare Corke
Regulators and industry bodies are urging financial market participants to prepare for when LIBOR will cease in 2021.
By James North, Gaynor Tracey, Madeleine Kulakauskas
The ASX is now being used by tech companies for a future dual listing on other exchanges or as a long-term listing venue.
By Kate Hay, Sandy Mak, Frances Wheelahan
The board has an integral role to play in ensuring that the company manages and protects its intangible assets like IP.
By Joshua Paffey, Vaughan Mills
PNG's accession to the New York Convention and proposed arbitration reforms considerably enhance its value to investors
By James North, Jennifer Dean
The ACCC could pursue enforcement action under competition or consumer protection laws to address data privacy issues.
By Abigail Gill, John Tuck, James Whittaker
Recent developments have driven organisations to reassess culture and the robustness of internal policies and processes.
By Sandy Mak, Cameron Cheetham
In the current global and domestic markets, few things are clear other than that volatility and change are ever-present.
By Cameron Cheetham, Mark Wilks, Craig Ensor
Complex situations, where matters are adversarial, warrant judicial advice, but not for deciding the specific dispute.
By Philip Catania, Kit Lee
Regulators have begun laying down the law when it comes to data management, cyber resilience & information security practices.
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