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By Mark Silveira, Eamon Devlin, Shervin Shameli, Edyta Brozyniak, Robert Eke
Historically, hurdles have not been nearly as ubiquitous among VC funds compared to buyout funds.
By Karan Dossa
In the United States, 60% of venture capital firms have experience with start-ups.
By Andrew Mills, Ryan Brown
Another frequent failing of drag clauses is to overlook the practicalities of completion funds flows.
By Alexander Carlton, Matthew Craig-Greene
Principally, the changes were made to provide more exposure to content created by smaller firms.
By Luke Barnett
For those advising within this space, it would be instructive to undertake a full examination of the document.
By Andrew Mills, Ryan Brown
Whether you're a private equity executive or trade buyer, on the buy-side or sell-side, in the context of an M&A transaction it is critical to understand the expectations and concerns of a target company's management team.
By Mark Silveira
Transitioning investments is difficult and can be far more intricate and complex than it initially may appear.
By Mark Silveira
Negotiating a private equity fund's LPA can be a difficult, intricate process. If not managed properly, fund organisational expenses and LP due diligence costs will be higher than expected, and closing deadlines may slip.
By Matthew Craig-Greene, Mark Whitaker
As a fund manager, you probably have a fairly clear opinion on how you ought to be reporting your activity (and the results, thereof) to your investors.
By Matthew Craig-Greene, Matthew Williamson
The audience comprised 80 or so fund managers and their advisers from across the private funds spectrum.
By Andrew Mills, Ryan Brown
As with any M&A deal, the focus of due diligence will depend on the transaction structure – whether a share or asset sale, or a public or private process.
By Paul Durban
This article tells you what you need to know about the proposed reforms, their potential impact and the path to implementation.
By Mark Silveira
Co-investments are now an integral part of the private equity funds market, popular with GPs and LPs alike.
By Luke Barnett
In article, it is my pleasure to announce the publication of the inaugural edition of MJ Hudson Allenbridge's AIM IHT Spotlight Report.
By Sean Scott
A successful hedge fund depends heavily upon the fund manager's key decision makers, not just in terms of investment returns (although that is arguably their single most important function) but also the ongoing financial ...