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By Jennifer Longhurst, Patricia Olasker, Aaron J. Atkinson
In 2019, the Canadian federal government enacted several important reforms to the Canada Business Corporations Act that reflect its increased focus on corporate governance best practices.
By Jennifer Longhurst, Patricia Olasker, Aaron J. Atkinson
Shareholder proposals have long been an effective tool for investors to raise environmental, social and governance issues and foster engagement with a public company.
By Jennifer Longhurst, Patricia Olasker, Aaron J. Atkinson
Davies Governance Insights 2019 is a comprehensive report that analyzes the governance trends and issues most important to Canadian public companies.
By Jennifer Longhurst, Patricia Olasker, Aaron J. Atkinson
Over the past few years, short-seller activism has grown from a "low profile affair" to a major challenge for securities regulators and governing boards – and Canadian markets are no exception.
By Jennifer Longhurst, Patricia Olasker, Aaron J. Atkinson
In this final chapter, we discuss how boards and senior management might respond to the ever-changing environments in which their companies operate, to maximize their viability and profitability in the near, medium and long terms.
By Charles Tingley
Canada's Competition Bureau is actively seeking and reviewing smaller acquisitions that may not exceed pre-merger notification thresholds under the Competition Act but that may nonetheless raise substantive competition issues.
By Sandra Forbes, Derek Ricci, Chantelle Cseh, Maura O’Sullivan
The Supreme Court of Canada has released its long-awaited decision in two companion appeals that have significant implications for class actions alleging conduct that contravenes the criminal provisions found in Part VI of the Competition Act.
By Sarah Powell, Alexandria Pike, Marie-Claude Bellemare
This past summer witnessed a number of significant legislative changes to Canada's environmental regimes at both the federal and provincial levels.
By Brian Kujavsky, Joseph-Anaël Lemieux
As a result of a recent decision of the Québec Superior Court in Murray Hall c. Procureure générale du Québec, residents in Québec are no longer prohibited from growing or possessing cannabis plants at home for personal purposes.
By Brooke Jamison, Sarbjit Basra, Stephen Dalby
In June 2019, the Institutional Limited Partners Association (ILPA) published a third version of principles that set out ILPA's view of industry best practices (ILPA 3.0).
By Jean-Philippe Groleau, Faiz Lalani, Guillaume Charlebois
A seven-member panel of the Québec Court of Appeal (QCA) recently rendered an important decision regarding the civil and administrative jurisdiction of the Court of Québec (CQ), a provincial court.
By Léon Moubayed, Élisabeth Robichaud, Sarah Gorguos, Fanny Albrecht
La Cour a appliqué les principes de l'arrêt Jordan, sans distinction entre personne morale et personne physique.
By Sébastien Roy, Louis-Martin O'Neill, Patricia Olasker, Jennifer Longhurst, Cynthia Hill
The Business Roundtable, an association of CEOs of major U.S. corporations, recently issued its "Statement on the Purpose of the Corporation."
By Marie-Emmanuelle Vaillancourt, John Lennard
As outlined in our e-communications of May 21, 2019, and August 12, 2019, Québec's Ministry of Finance has introduced new rules regarding the disclosure of nominee agreements.
By Louis-Martin O'Neill, Olivier Désilets, Nicolas Morin, Faiz Lalani
The Tribunal administratif des marchés financiers (Québec's securities tribunal) issued a split 2–1 decision resulting in a cease trade order on an offer made by Group Mach to acquire 19.5% of Transat A.T. Inc.'s shares.
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