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By Abid Ahmed, Jonathan Tong
Esports commanded a global television and online audience of 395 million in 2018. This audience number is projected to rise by 12.3% to 443 million in 2019
By Amadou Barry
A few years ago, Mr. Acha Leke, the chairman of McKinsey & Company Africa, was invited to speak to a large South Korea conglomerate about investment opportunities in Africa
By Jonathan Martin
Summary Judgment can be an effective tool for obtaining justice faster and less expensively than through a trial. Most jurisdictions have, within the last decade
By Brian Kaliel Q.C.
A twice-monthly current awareness service reviewing recent cases on land use, marketing boards, environmental issues, creditor rights, animals, grain, import/export and other matters in an agricultural context.
By Sabrina Anis
In the digital age, an individual's personal information is often only a few keystrokes away. The prolific use of social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn
By Sasha Segal
The Ontario Divisional Court recently upheld an employer's decision to terminate an employee for frustration of contract, affirming that it is "inherently impossible" to accommodate an employee
By Stephen Sweeney
The testator died testate, having made his last will July 29, 2015, approximately one month prior to his death.
By Manjit Singh, Pritika Deepak
On March 19, 2019, the Federal Budget proposed to change the employee stock option tax regime.
By Susan Manwaring, Gwenyth Stadig
The ITA is not the only law that regulates partisan activity.
By Troy McEachren
The Fairbairns were angel investors in a technology company that had proven to be very successful.
By Justin McLarty
As a result, the Directors and their spouses feared for their safety.
By Kelly Harris, Eugenia Bouras
We summarize the most impactful labelling amendments in the draft regulations below.
By Fareeha Qaiser
In British Columbia Court of Appeal decision West Van Holdings Ltd. v. Economical Mutual Insurance Company, the Court confirmed the primacy of the pleadings when determining whether an insurer owes a duty to defend, ...
By Karen Weslowski
In two recently released cases, the British Columbia Supreme Court considered an insurer's ability to have an insurance policy declared void ab initio by reason of material misrepresentation and material change in risk.
By Teri Treiber
On May 29, 2019, we provided an overview of Bill 2: An Act to Make Alberta Open for Business, which was introduced by the United Conservative Party in Alberta shortly after the party came into power earlier this year.
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