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By Tony Sabeta
Making sure a startup has the right branding in place will help distinguish it from its competitors.
By Pia-Lauren Reece
Finally, in respect of the third prong, the court was convinced that this was satisfied based on the facts before it.
By Tony Sabeta
For the best part of 18 years, since the judgment of Justice Ian Binnie in Free World Trust, 2000 SCC 66, it has been well-settled law that there is no file wrapper estoppel in Canada.
By Erica Lowthers, Kimberly A. McManus, Tony Sabeta, Kitt Sinden, Lola Bartoszewicz
On November 5, 2018, Canada's new Industrial Design Act and Industrial Design Regulations come into force.
By Erica Lowthers
Late Sunday night, an agreement was reached to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).
By Erica Lowthers
Cannabis plants contain hundreds of compounds, the most well-known of which include cannabidiol (CBD) and Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).
By Kimberly A. McManus, Pia-Lauren Reece, Brandon Carter
Question: Can a patent representing a federally-mandated exclusionary right be enforced against infringers participating in illicit activity?
By Kitt Sinden
Patents granted in Canada have typically carried a 20-year term of protection from the date of filing, regardless of the time taken to be examined and granted by the Patent Office ...
By Tony Sabeta
In 2012, a fledgling startup, AdSupply Inc., filed a patent application for a method for delivering leave behind ads which are displayed behind the browser window when a user leaves a website.
By SuMei Cheung
With Valentine's Day upon us, one would rightly suspect that there is already an abundance of patents and patent applications related to online dating software.
By SuMei Cheung
The Hall of Fame searches for these inspirational inventors and accepts nominations throughout the year.
By Erica Lowthers
In honour of the Super Bowl® this coming weekend, the incredibly impressive broadcasting innovations in televised sports deserve some discussion.
By Erica Lowthers
In order for a factual basis and/or sound line of reasoning for predicted utility to be considered sufficiently disclosed in the common general knowledge and, therefore, not required to be disclosed...
By SuMei Cheung
The World Intellectual Property Organization recently published their World Intellectual Property Indicators for 2017, documenting many developments that shaped the global intellectual property system in 2016.
By SuMei Cheung
Finally, a Little Miss character to spark the imagination of budding young female engineers and scientists: Little Miss Inventor.