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By Thomas B. Mooney
Patty Parent, a single mother, came to the office at Acorn Elementary School at the beginning of the school year, asking that the office change the address for her two children.
By Jessica Richman Smith
In the wake of violence affecting schools around the country, school districts nationwide are exploring new ways to keep schools and students safe.
By Raymond J. Casella, Elva M. Perales
Earlier this month the IRS announced proposed regulations and issued IRS Notice 2019-47 addressing the donor disclosure rules applicable to tax-exempt organizations
By Thomas B. Mooney
Bob Bombast has long served as the Chairperson of the Policy Committee of the Nutmeg Board of Education. Over the last two years, the Committee has laboriously gone through the Board's Policy Book
By Andrew N. Davis, Matthew Ranelli, Aaron D. Levy, Alfredo G. Fernández, Kristie A. Beahm
Any issue that poses the potential for health risks and/or liabilities associated with uncertain regulatory requirements demands corporate attention
By Peter J. Maher, Thomas B. Mooney, Linda L. Yoder
In its 2019 regular and special sessions, the General Assembly made a number of changes in the statutes that affect public education in Connecticut.
By Richard Cohen, Ira H. Goldman, Kelly Smith Hathorn
Can an employer provide health care coverage for its employees by simply setting aside cash for them on a tax-favored basis (in an HRA - a health reimbursement arrangement), and otherwise get out of the complexities of...
By Thomas B. Mooney
The Nutmeg Board of Education is getting ready to close out its books for the 2018-2019 school year, and some of the new Board members are anxious about the possibility of ending the year in deficit.
By George C. Jepsen, Perry Zinn Rowthorn
Shipman & Goodwin partners George Jepsen (former Connecticut State Attorney General) and Perry Zinn Rowthorn (former Connecticut Chief Deputy Attorney General), co-leaders of the firm's State Attorneys General practice, ...
By Daniel A. Schwartz
Over the last week, the General Assembly passed two bills (Senate Bill 3 and 1111) that, when taken together, provide a series of reforms that will impact every Connecticut employer in one way or another.
By Kristie A. Beahm, Andrew N. Davis, Alfredo G. Fernández, Aaron D. Levy, Matthew Ranelli
During the last week of the 2019 Connecticut legislative session, the General Assembly passed Senate Bill 1030 amending one of the most onerous Connecticut environmental laws on the books, the Connecticut Transfer Act, ...
By Timothy S. Hollister
In Williamson County, the Supreme Court established two procedural requirements for takings claims.
By Kelly Smith Hathorn
On June 5, 2019, the SEC adopted a final version of the Regulation Best Interest, finalizing its approach to policing conflicts of interest in the retail investment marketplace.
By Thomas B. Mooney
The members of the Nutmeg Board are very concerned about whether and how they will make ends meet this year.
The act establishes a process for employers to contest PTSD claims.