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By Nicholas Plassaras, Jennifer Lloyd Kelly, Eric Ball
In Kater v. Churchill Downs, the Ninth Circuit considered whether customers could attempt to recover money spent on virtual currency under Washington's Recovery of Money Lost at Gambling Act.
By Adam Halpern, Julia Ushakova-Stein
This document discusses Notice 2018-26, the third IRS Notice providing guidance on the new mandatory repatriation tax under § 965.
By Stuart Meyer
To begin with, the Federal Circuit cases don't seem to differentiate among these terms.
By Tyler Newby, Ana Razmazma
Bitcoin is often portrayed as an untraceable method of payment that facilitates illicit activities by enabling criminals to make and receive payments without being tracked.
By Daniel Brownstone, Christopher King
U.S. patent law has long included an "on-sale bar," which limits the time for filing a patent application to one year from the date the invention was sold or offered for sale.
By William Brenc, Jennifer Stanley
Despite the turmoil and gridlock in Washington, D.C., the Senate and House of Representatives appear poised to pass sweeping legislation that would overhaul the music copyright licensing infrastructure.
By Shannon Turner
In a case of first impression, Manitowoc Cranes v. Sany America, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin held that an International Trade Commission determination ...
By Jason Amsel
In late January 2018, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published a revision to the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure that includes substantial guidance on patent subject matter eligibility under 35 U.S.C. § 101.
By Moira Lion
Over the last several months, a number of companies that have had no history of pursuing blockchain technology or incorporating it into their commercial offerings have rebranded to add BLOCKCHAIN ...
By Nicholas Plassaras, Jennifer Stanley
In 2016, the Fenwick games team detailed actress Lindsay Lohan's lawsuit against the makers of "Grand Theft Auto V" for allegedly violating her right of publicity.
By Kristine M. Di Bacco, Doug Sharp
Start-up companies use seed financings primarily to raise the capital required to build a minimum viable product and test their product-market fit.
By Mark Jansen, Anne Marie Longobucco
The .app generic top-level domain (gTLD) launches March 29, 2018, and brand owners will have a little more than a month to register domains in the Sunrise Period.
By Tyler Newby, Annasara Purcell
The D.C. Circuit has handed down its long-anticipated ruling in ACA International v. Federal Communications Commission, and in doing so invalidated key aspects of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission's 2015...
By Kevin Muck, Dean Kristy, Catherine Kevane, Felix Lee, Vincent Barredo
The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that class action plaintiffs can bring claims under the Securities Act of 1933 in either state or federal court.
By Michael Dicke, Vincent Barredo
This is the first enforcement action to result from a sweeping SEC investigation into the Rule 701 option-granting practices of late-stage private companies begun in July 2016.
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