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By Cydney Posner
The specter of the possible imposition of mandatory universal proxy has long been with us.
By Cydney Posner
The SEC orders noted that the Forms 10-Q did not disclose that the interim financial statements had not been reviewed.
By Nick Bolter, Laura K. Elliott
The tussle continues between large online businesses that host third party copyright materials (news, images, music, video etc.) and certain copyright owners.
By Seth Gottlieb
Very often founders raise the concern about protecting against dilution.
By Megan Browdie, Howard Morse, Julia Renehan, Jacqueline Grise
After a yearlong investigation and six-week trial, the DC District Court refused to enjoin the merger of AT&T and Time Warner.
By Robert Paster
OIG Advisory Opinion Permits Refunding Device Purchase Price Under Limited Conditions.
By Cydney Posner
The SEC has now provided relief for companies and persons directly or indirectly affected by Hurricane Florence and its aftermath.
By Cydney Posner
ISS has posted the results of its most recent Governance Principles Survey, which can sometimes guide future ISS policies.
By Cooley LLP
Once established, the DPA will be charged with enforcing the LGPD and issuing interpretative guidance to the public.
By Cydney Posner
At a meeting last week of the SEC's Investor Advisory Committee, the primary focus of the discussion was the panoply of problems associated with the infrastructure supporting the proxy voting system, so-called "proxy plumbing."
By Jamie Humphreys, Edward Turtle
Product manufacturers risk a significant increase in European-style "class actions" if proposals to amend the draft "New Deal for Consumers" are adopted.
By Cydney Posner
Here's some news (thanks to and Compensia): the structure of the GICS code is changing. "Who cares?" you say.
By Cydney Posner
You may recall that, in July, SEC Chair Jay Clayton announced that the SEC will be holding a Roundtable to discuss the proxy process, currently expected to be held in November.
By Joyce Wang, Mario Yang, Henry Yin
On 28 June, 2018, the NDRC and the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China jointly issued the Special Administrative Measures on Access to Foreign Investment (the "Negative List") (2018 Version).
By Cydney Posner
You remember, of course, that last month, the president, on his way out of town for the weekend, tossed out to reporters the idea of eliminating quarterly reporting.
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