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By Aman Mann, Justin Cudmore
If you have a security interest registered on the PPSR, check the expiry date, and extend the registration if necessary.
By Jennifer Johannesen, Lachlan Blair
Technology companies, industry groups and civil libertarians are united in their stance that this is a terrible new law.
By Hannah Marshall, Danielle Kroon
The ACCC sends a strong message to business: time to review those standard contract terms and think seriously about UCT.
By Kim Middleton, Liam Rogers
The National Energy Guarantee (NEG) isn't alive, but it isn't quite dead either, so we'll wait to see what happens next.
By Wesley Rogers, James True
Changes to the rules around casual employment cause outrage, shake things up, and leave employers with a lot to digest.
By Hannah Marshall, Danielle Kroon
Entertaining summary of a few interesting cases where the ACCC imposed fines on companies and in some cases, directors too.
By John Oddy, Nathan Mattock
New amendments to Australia's IP laws may cause trade mark owners to think twice before they throw the book at importers.
By Jennifer Johannesen, Emilie Blake
There are many differences between a not-for-profit and a for profit company, but this article focuses on duties of directors.
By Emma Johnsen, Nathan Mattock
Esports is competitive video gaming, a global industry that is tipped to have a market value of over $1 billion by 2020.
By Hannah Marshall, Danielle Kroon
Article outlines the new and much higher maximum penalties for ACL breaches.
By Kristy Dixon, Felicia Lal
Article suggests changes that should be made to create more sustainable, successful M&A deals.
By Hannah Marshall, Michael Bradley
Even though no pecuniary penalties are payable for unfair contract terms, ACCC may impose penalties for unconscionable conduct.
By Kristy Dixon, Felicia Lal, Georgia McGrath
M&A advisors now focus on social due diligence as well as financial and legal investigations.
By Hannah Marshall, Danielle Kroon
Meriton has been hit with a $3M penalty for false representations based on conduct with its TripAdvisor reviews.
By Wesley Rogers, James True
Recent case confirms that casual workers are not entitled to redundancy pay.
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