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By Kristy Dixon, Felicia Lal, Georgia McGrath
M&A advisors now focus on social due diligence as well as financial and legal investigations.
By Hannah Marshall, Danielle Kroon
Meriton has been hit with a $3M penalty for false representations based on conduct with its TripAdvisor reviews.
By Wesley Rogers, James True
Recent case confirms that casual workers are not entitled to redundancy pay.
By Wesley Rogers, James True, Isabella Doyle
Employees covered by a modern award are entitled to 5 days of unpaid leave to deal with family and domestic violence.
By Hannah Marshall, Giselle Finnane
The term refers to an M&A transaction between competitors, who combine or coordinate, before completing the M&A deal.
By Justin Cudmore
My Health Record gives the Government a massive treasure trove of sensitive information about us it didn't have before.
By Damian Sturzaker, Emily Clapoudis
The Singapore Convention on Mediation permits most settlement deeds or arrangements to be enforced in signatory states.
By Wesley Rogers, Isabella Doyle
The #Me Too movement has led to little tolerance or excuse for discrimination and inappropriate conduct in the workplace.
By Hannah Marshall, Danielle Kroon
This article includes summaries of recent cases involving the ACCC, cartels and misleading and deceptive conduct.
By Hannah Marshall, Daisy Von Schoenberg
Google tried to argue innocent dissemination in the Trkulja v Google saga, but it's now back to the trial court again.
By Wesley Rogers, James True, Isabella Doyle
This is a summary of some of the key changes in the workplace, employment law and superannuation effective 1 July 2017.
By Hannah Marshall, Michael Bradley
The DPP is prosecuting this alleged cartel conduct as a criminal offence, which suggests that the ACCC is confident.
By Justin Cudmore, James True, Liam Rogers
Advice regarding the new EU privacy laws which apply to all businesses that offer goods or services to people in the EU.
By Kristy Dixon, Giselle Finnane
How the Court came to its decision that Seven & Nine only have to pay Ten $1 for its share in TX Australia.
By Hannah Marshall, Daisy Von Schoenberg
Post-publication fact-finding to support truth of a publication does not count as a qualified privilege defence. .
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