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By James P. Chen
Recently, there have been policy adjustments to this system.
By Helen Lee
Specifically, according to the Judgment, Document 1 relates to a hydrogen absorbing material used for a cell.
By Cynthia Wang
Name rights cover given names, pen names, stage names and nicknames.
By James P. Chen
Recently, when responding to a First Office Action (hereinafter referred to as "OA1") by only submitting arguments in a bid to pursue the greatest possible
By   Kangxin
When considering the burden of proof on the manufacturing method of a non-new product, there is a habit of thinking about "who advocates, who gives evidence"?v
By Samiko Sun
Unlike for trademarks, there is no concept of similarity when it comes to domain names in China – any domain name can be registered, provided that it is not identical to a previously registered domain name.
By   Kangxin
At the beginning of this year, there are two important news in trademark practice in China, i.e. the Supreme People's Court announced the Provisions of Supreme People's Court on Several Issues...
By Fiona Zhang
The China Trademark Office ("CTMO") has announced new trademark examination criteria, which coming into force on January 4, 2017
By   Kangxin
On December 8, 2016, the Supreme People's Court announced its judgment in 10 administrative litigation cases concerning the "Jordan" series of trademarks in Chinese characters.
By Cynthia Wang
A "well-known mark" is a concept provided by the China Trademark Law; while there is no definition of "famous mark" in any governing laws and regulations in China.
By Brandy Baker
A variety of anti-counterfeiting options are available in China. However, the most crucial advice remains: plan ahead...
By Aaron Hurvitz
Picture this: After a long fourteen hour plane ride to Beijing, you grab your luggage, hop in a taxi, and head to your hotel.
By Samiko Sun
Recent headlines have focused on one of the China Trademark Office's ("CTMO") trademark publication.
By Xinhua Yang
At present, most of the research on patent quality in the industry is made on the quality of patent application itself...
By Yu Li
Article 12 of the Quality Standard for Pharmaceutical Commodities (Trial Implementation, 1984) states that pharmaceuticals should have registered trademarks.