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By Joanne Ong
Under Malaysian law, where an employee is subject to the Employment Act 1955 ("Act"), it is a statutory obligation imposed on the employer to conduct a "due inquiry" to ascertain whether an employee is guilty of misconduct before an employee can be dismissed or before any other major penalty is imposed (See: Section 14(1) of the Act).
By Donovan & Ho
As part of our continuing campaign to share our knowledge on legal matters, we have prepared another video in our 2 minute video series to cover basic information about unfair dismissal in Malaysia.
By Shawn Ho
In considering which business vehicle to use in Malaysia, the feature of a limited liability in a private limited company appeals to many.
By Jane Tan
Companies may issue different classes of the same type of shares (e.g. ‘A' ordinary shares and ‘B' ordinary shares) or different types of shares (e.g. ordinary shares or preference shares).
By Donovan Cheah
The High Court held that settlement offers (and their rejections) are inadmissible as evidence, if those settlement discussions took place while conciliation proceedings were still ongoing.
By Donovan Cheah
Agnes Ann was a secretary at one of the top advertising agencies in Kuala Lumpur. One day in late February, she walked out of her job.
By Donovan Cheah
During Chinese New Year, it is customary to give and receive "ang pow" or "hong bao" (monetary gifts in red envelopes to signify good luck).
By Donovan & Ho
If there is any common ground between employees and employers, it is that both of them usually hate annual performance reviews.