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By Sabin Volciuc-Ionescu
The Romanian Government has recently adopted a new regulation for reception of construction works, which will enter into force on 29 July 2017 and will replace the former regulation from 1994.
By Mihai Baesu
Earlier this year, the Romanian Regulatory Authority for Energy ("ANRE") adopted the Order No. 12/2015 approving a new Regulation for granting authorizations and licenses in the electricity field.
By Ramona Volciuc-Ionescu
Directive 2014/93/EU amending Council Directive 96/98/EC on marine equipment ("Marine Equipment Directive") was adopted on 18 July 2014.
By Volciuc- Ionescu SCA
The highly anticipated new Romanian law on public-private partnership has been finally enacted and will enter into force on 25 December 2016.
By Volciuc- Ionescu SCA
Law 18/2017 states that termination may occur either by mutual consent or unilateral termination.
By Ramona Volciuc-Ionescu
Romania implemented a support system for renewable energy based on green certificates (GCs) granted free of charge to producers of electricity from certain renewable energy sources ...
By Sabin Volciuc-Ionescu
An absolute novelty under the Romanian legislation, Law no. 151/2015 on insolvency of natural persons ("Personal Insolvency Law") was adopted by the Romanian Parliament back in June 2015.
By Volciuc- Ionescu SCA
Trade finance is generally not very developed in Romania, at least by comparison with other EU Member States and developed and emerging markets.
By Ramona Volciuc-Ionescu
A tax on windfall gains obtained by domestic gas producers as a result of deregulating the sale prices for domestic natural gas was introduced in 2013 by Government Ordinance No. 7/2013 (GO 7/2013), ...
By Ramona Volciuc-Ionescu
The Decision clearly states that shale gas is covered by the definition of petroleum resources in Article 1(2) of the Petroleum Law, and is exclusive public property of the State.
By Sabin Volciuc-Ionescu, Ioana Morar
On 11 June 2015, the Romanian Ministry of Public Finance published the draft law transposing into Romanian legislation the EU Directive 2014/59/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council...