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By Louis-Martin O'Neill, Olivier Désilets, Nicolas Morin, Faiz Lalani
The Tribunal administratif des marchés financiers (Québec's securities tribunal) issued a split 2–1 decision resulting in a cease trade order on an offer made by Group Mach to acquire 19.5% of Transat A.T. Inc.'s shares.
By Anita Banicevic
Have an appropriate process in place for raising and responding to complaints or concerns (internal or external) regarding the use and collection of personal data.
By Jennifer Longhurst, Sarah Powell, Veronika Stefanski
In recent years, awareness of the potential impacts of climate change on issuers has heightened both in Canada and internationally.
By Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg
They can also expect that these changes will require the dedication of increased time and resources to ensure compliance.
By Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg
These long-form fairness opinions were obtained in the majority of the transactions surveyed.
By Anita Banicevic, Mark Katz
The draft timing agreement is open for public comment until August 30.
By Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg
In Canada too, obstruction is a serious matter with significant consequences.
By Léon Moubayed, Anne-Sophie Villeneuve
Finally, the Supreme Court held that the ArQ did not act extraterritorially by issuing the Demand to the Calgary Branch.
By Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg
Civil liability for secondary market disclosure was conceived by securities regulators with the best of intentions.
By Nathan Boidman, Michael Kandev, Marc André Gaudreau Duval, Sammy Cheaib, Jesse A. Boretsky
Canada is expected to notify the OECD within the next few months that it has ratified the MLI.
By Peter Glicklich, Gregg M. Benson, Heath Martin
A foreign corporation whose ownership meets these tests is known as a CFC.
By Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg
In the constitutional context, a tax is distinguished from a regulatory charge on the basis of the purpose for which it is imposed.
By Charles Tingley
In this article, we explore each of these trends, their underlying causes and their implications for the future of Canadian cartel enforcement in 2019 and beyond.
By Brian Bloom, Bobby J. Sood, Élisabeth Robichaud, Sammy Cheaib
In three recent decisions, the courts have curtailed the Canada Revenue Agency's broad interpretation of its audit powers and, in so doing, have armed taxpayers with the legal means to push back against ...
By Charles Tingley, John Bodrug
The Commissioner of Competition recently filed a notice of application with the Canadian Competition Tribunal challenging the acquisition of a Canadian software company that closed on May 13, 2019.
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