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By M. Akif Serdar
This quotation, discussed fiercely among literary circles, is from Shakespeare's play Henry V (4. 4. 68-9). Shakespeare obviously does not refer to ships...
By Kemal Güçlü Erdoğan
The International Convention on Arrest of Ships, 1999 (hereinafter referred to as "the 1999 Convention") was ratified by the Turkish Parliament on 02.03.2017, a development which was reported
By M. Raci Alper
Rules that regulate the mandatory daytime passage of some vessels have been extended.
By M. Raci Alper
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding this development.
By Yusuf Mansur Özer, Mert Taşkin
Data Protection Board with its resolution 2018/119 dated 16/10/2018 published in the Official Gazette on 1/11/2018, resolved that transmissions of advertisement messages to e-mail addresses and mobile phones ...
By Aysegul Bogrun, Cansu Soysal
Presidential Decree dated September 12, 2018 brought restrictions to agreements denominated in foreign currencies or indexed to foreign currencies concluded between those parties who are real persons or legal entities residing in Turkey.
By Ekin Dünya Şahin, Cansu Soysal
The Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency has amended the Regulation on Restructuring of Loans Owed to Banks and Financing Companies, which was first published on 15 August 2018.
By M. Raci Alper
Performance of such acts pose a serious hazard to the safety of seafarers and posting on social media, while damaging the reputation of seafarers, opens them up to liability before authorities.
By Aysegul Bogrun, Cansu Soysal
In such cases, there will be no need to repeat the commencement and closing certification procedures.
By Yusuf Mansur Özer, Mert Taşkin
We provide below a summary of the DPB's decision no. 2019/10 on data security breaches.
By Burce Cangir, Cansu Soysal
As of 1 January 2018, it had been made mandatory to apply for mediation for a number of labour law related disputes, before commencing litigation.
By M. Melis Saygin
The New Labour Courts Law numbered 7036 (the "New Law") was published in the Official Gazette no. 30221 dated 25 October 2017 ...
By Yusuf Mansur Özer
The Regulation on Data Controllers' Registry (the "Regulation"), yet another anticipated regulation to be drafted within the framework of the Data Protection Law
By M. Raci Alper
Pursuant to Article 20 of the Turkish Environmental Code no. 1983 (the "Code"), fines are imposed on vessels for causing pollution in Turkish waters through discharge of petroleum products...
By M. Raci Alper, Kemal Güçlü Erdoğan
The Turkish Parliament has ratified the omnibus bill numbered 7061 which includes a crucial amendment ("Amendment") to the Turkish Ports Act and entrusts Harbour Masters with broad powers...
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