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By Peter Kasanda, Aliko Simon, Margareth Maganga, Esther Kilimba, Katie Boardman
In this updater, we review the amendments to the Non-Governmental Organisations Act, No. 24 of 2002 (the NGO Act), as introduced by the Written Laws (Miscellaneous Amendments) (No.3) Act 2019
By Nigel Brook
New laws and regulations, strategic litigation and duties of care emerging in response to climate change are giving rise to new liability risks that pose a serious risk to companies'
By Mark Devaney
In recent years, there have been a number of increases in the official fees charged by Trade Mark Offices in the Middle East region
By Lesley Allan
After almost a decade of constant change, the evolution of the Scottish liability claims landscape shows no signs of slowing down
By David Wynn
Understanding the potential for new risks, and particularly those that may ultimately lead to disease claims, is increasingly important for those sectors manufacturing or using nanotech.
By Caroline Malo
In Babin c. Gérin, the Superior Court weighed in on several issues concerning the professional liability of notaries.
By David Wynn
As technology has increased, there has been an inevitable proliferation in the number of electromagnetic and radiofrequency field sources that people are exposed to on a daily basis.
By Chris Morrison, Luisa Lister
One in three people with earlier-stage dementia still drives, and it is critical for those diagnosed with dementia to their quality of life and dignity.
By Clive Brett, Owen Rees
The Court of Appeal in Woodward and Another v Phoenix Healthcare Distribution Limited [2019] EWCA Civ 985 has unanimously dismissed an appeal against a judgment of the High Court.
By Michael Strain, James Pius
In this month's corporate updater, we review the Written Laws (Miscellaneous Amendments) (No.3) Bill, 2019 (the Bill) which includes proposed amendments to the Companies Act (Act No.12) 2002 (the Act).
By Peter Kasanda, Michaela Marandu, Amalia Lui, Tenda Msinjili, Esther Kilimba
In this briefing, we outline the key changes in the Foreign Exchange (Bureau De Change) Regulations
By Peter Kasanda, Tenda Msinjili, Michaela Marandu, Maria Kitambi
As part of a more rigid measure to protect creative works, the Tanzanian Government has recently amended the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act of 2002 through the recently enacted Written Laws the Bill.
By Peter Dinunzio, Jeffrey Fegan, Vincent J. Palmiotto, William Swallow
On April 30, 2019 the Environmental Protection Agency issued a press release regarding the ability of the herbicide glyphosate to cause cancer in humans.
By Chris Murray
The High Court has confirmed that hotels owe guests a duty to take reasonable care to protect them against injury caused by the criminal acts of third parties.
By Jo-Anne Demers
The Supreme Court of Canada has again confirmed that shareholders do not possess a right of action in relation to faults committed against the corporation in which they hold shares.
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