The year 2019 witnessed some significant competition law developments such as the introduction of the green channel notification regime and the decision in the first international cartel case. This update discusses the key highlights of 2019 and a brief overview of what can be expected in 2020.


In 2019, the Competition Commission of India (CCI) completed ten years of enforcement activity and eight years of merger control regime. It introduced the green channel mechanism for approval of combinations which is a welcome move as it enables deemed approval of transactions on the same day as the filing of the merger notification.

On the leniency front too, the CCI granted a penalty reduction of 100% and 50% to the first and second leniency applicants respectively in its first international cartel case. Another noteworthy precedent was the granting of confidentiality by the CCI to the names of the employees of the leniency applicants in this case.

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