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MIRS's Role Clarified Following Its First Ever "Intervention" In An Employment Tribunal Claim
DQ Advocates' top ranked employment team was instructed by Julie Bradley and Nicola Batey in their capacity as industrial relations officers appointed under the Trade Disputes Act 1985 and known collectively as the Manx Industrial Relations Service.
Isle of Man
22 Feb 2018
Religion And Belief: "Mankind Is Heading Towards A Catastrophic Climate Change…": Protected Belief?
The Employment Act 2006 provides limited protection against discrimination on the grounds of religion or belief, but such protection is limited to employment and, within the employment sphere, it is further limited to the protection of employees against being unfairly dismissed on any of these grounds
Isle of Man
13 Feb 2018
DQ's Advocates Appointed As Notaries
DQ is pleased to announce that two of its associates, Libby Gordon and Adam Killip, have recently been appointed as notaries.
Isle of Man
13 Feb 2018
DQ Acts In GVC's Proposed Takeover Of Ladbrokes Coral
DQ Advocates acted as sole Isle of Man legal advisor for GVC Holdings Plc ("GVC") in its successful bid for, and proposed acquisition of, Ladbrokes Coral ("Ladbrokes")...
Isle of Man
13 Feb 2018
For Whose Benefit? Transparency And Beneficial Ownership In The Isle Of Man
30 June 2018 is the absolute cut-off date by which all companies and certain other entities in the Isle of Man must have submitted details of their principal owners ...
Isle of Man
24 Jan 2018
Business Assets On Divorce
Dealing with business assets on divorce can be complex. Are you a shareholder, a director or both? Do you assist in running the business? If you are the business owner, do you want to keep the business? If so, how will you compensate your ex?
Isle of Man
16 Jan 2018
Daughter Wins USD 200m Breach Of Trust Claims Against Her Own Mother
Crociani v Crociani: A bitter family dispute was finally brought to an end after 5 years following the Royal Court of Jersey's finding in favour of daughter Cristiana who alleged a series of breaches...
Isle of Man
19 Dec 2017
DQ Authors Isle Of Man Chapter Of Data Protection Guide
Hazel Dawson and Sinead O'Connor of DQ's data protection team have co-authored the Isle of Man chapter of the International Comparative Legal Guide to Data Protection 2017.
Isle of Man
12 Dec 2017
When Harry Met Meghan…The Fairy Tale Pre-Nup?
The long anticipated engagement of HRH Prince Harry and Rachel Meghan Markle was announced by Clarence House via Twitter on Monday morning with the couple being at the centre of a media frenzy ever since.
Isle of Man
1 Dec 2017
Have Data Protection Laws Changed Trust Law On Disclosure?
A landmark decision was handed down by the Court of Appeal (England and Wales) on 16 February 2017 in respect of beneficiaries using subject access requests under data protection law ...
Isle of Man
30 Nov 2017
Marriage And Civil Partnership Discrimination In Employment: A Summary
After 40 years of steady decline, statistics have confirmed that marriage rates across the UK are back on the rise.
Isle of Man
23 Nov 2017
Equality : Pregnancy And Maternity Discrimination
According to a UK Government report, 77% of mothers surveyed had a negative or possibly discriminatory experience during pregnancy, maternity leave and/or on return from maternity leave.
Isle of Man
17 Nov 2017
Mutual Wills – Can You Change Your Mind?
Individuals can agree that they will not in the future revoke or amend their Wills without the other party's consent.
Isle of Man
31 Oct 2017
Dealing With A Digital Presence On Death Or Incapacity
Digital assets are closely intertwined with our everyday life, from supermarket reward cards, photographs, blogs, music accounts, online banking, emails, eBooks, social media accounts…the list goes on.
Isle of Man
27 Oct 2017
A Token Of Appreciation – Why The Isle Of Man Is At The Forefront Of The Digital Asset Revolution
The Isle of Man represents a very attractive choice for anyone looking to raise capital via a sale of digital tokens, for a number of reasons.
Isle of Man
25 Oct 2017
Is Ryan Giggs A Genius? Dividing A Couple's Assets On Divorce
Regardless of whether you are a Man Utd fan or not, Giggs has undoubtedly generated substantial wealth during his football career. It has been widely reported that he and his wife, Stacey, are divorcing.
Isle of Man
25 Oct 2017
Isle Of Man Appoints New Head Of e-Gaming
The Isle of Man Government has announced the appointment of gaming industry veteran Tony Ure to the position of Head of e-Gaming within the Department for Economic Development.
Isle of Man
23 Oct 2017
Should An Employer Be Held Vicariously Liable For The Acts Of An Independent Contractor?
This was the question that The High Court had to determine in an important case brought before it earlier this year.
Isle of Man
18 Oct 2017
Legal Advice Privilege Update – Who Is The "Client"?
Legal Professional Privilege ("LPP") is an umbrella term which comprises Legal Advice Privilege and Litigation Privilege.
Isle of Man
12 Oct 2017
Legal Opinions: What Are They And Why Might You Need One?
In banking and finance matters, a legal opinion is often sought to confirm the capacity and valid incorporation and existence of a legal entity.
Isle of Man
11 Oct 2017
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