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Exploring The Recent Shift In Residency Policy In UAE And Saudi Arabia
Immigration policies across the Arab peninsula have historically been linked to individuals' sponsorship status.
United Arab Emirates
26 Jun 2019
Marine Contracts In Saudi Arabia: Local And International Regulation
In January 2019, Saudi Arabia introduced for the first time a bespoke commercial maritime law, indicating the importance of maritime trade and labour to its economy and development plans.
Saudi Arabia
7 May 2019
UAE Civil Procedure Code Reform
The UAE's Cabinet recently approved amendments to the Civil Procedure Code. In line with the UAE Vision 2021 and UAE Centennial Strategy 2071
United Arab Emirates
6 May 2019
Encouraging Foreign Investment And Creating A Knowledge Economy
In the second half of 2018, the UAE introduced two significant pieces of legislation: a new Foreign Direct Investment law* (FDI Law), and a new long-term visa system** for investors.
12 Apr 2019
Podcast: 5 Tips To Help Motivate Your Employees
In this podcast, Sara Khoja, Employment Partner and Sarah Christiansen, Christiansen HR Consultancy, discuss the issues surrounding line managers responsibility for their team and performance...
United Arab Emirates
8 Feb 2019
Podcast: Health And Safety In The UAE - 5 Facts You Should Know
This podcast focuses on the 5 key facts you should know about health and safety in the UAE, which often seem misunderstood.
United Arab Emirates
17 Dec 2018
Saudi Arabia Puts The Spotlight On Occupational Health And Safety
As employers increasingly focus on employee wellness programs and preventative measures to manage employee use of private medical insurance, occupational health and safety is becoming increasingly...
United Arab Emirates
15 Nov 2018
Understanding Nationalisation In The GCC: The Case Of The UAE (Video)
The UAE has continued to develop its policies regarding the promotion of employment opportunities for UAE nationals and employers
United Arab Emirates
6 Nov 2018
Supporting People With Determination In The Workplace
On 29 July 2018, the UAE Cabinet passed a Cabinet Resolution No. 43 of 2018 regarding supporting special needs individuals (people with determination) in the workplace.
United Arab Emirates
16 Oct 2018
Atypical Working In Saudi Arabia: What Are The Options?
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia continues to be a key market for multi-national companies as it opens up its markets in line with Vision 2030.
Saudi Arabia
13 Sep 2018
Dubai's New Law To Regulate Volunteering Activity
The new Dubai Volunteering Law is the latest move in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to regulate charities, donations and charitable works.
United Arab Emirates
3 Aug 2018
Continuing The Drive For Emiratisation
The UAE's Vision 2021 strategy includes a number of goals to promote 'Emiratisation', with a key aim being to have fifty percent of the UAE national workforce employed in the private sector by 2021.
United Arab Emirates
2 Jul 2018
New Code Of Ethics And Professional Conduct For Health Professionals
The UAE's Minister of Health and Prevention issued a resolution, approving a Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct for Health Professionals.
United Arab Emirates
25 Jun 2018
Anti-Harassment Law
As our readers will be aware, over the past twelve months, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made unprecedented moves to open its economy to foreign investment and to adopt new social norms.
Saudi Arabia
19 Jun 2018
Multi-Stakeholder Solutions And Supply Chain Management For The Protection Of Migrant Workers
There is increased awareness amongst companies and individuals to consider their responsibility and the role they can play in the treatment of low-income migrant workers.
United Arab Emirates
9 May 2018
Part-Time Working Arrangements Now Possible In The UAE
The UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MHRE) has recently issued Ministerial Resolution No.31 of 2018 Introducing Part-Time Employment Contract System ...
United Arab Emirates
20 Apr 2018
DIFC Proposes New Employment Law: What Does It Mean For You?
The Dubai International Financial Centre Authority has published a consultation paper on replacing DIFC Law No. 4 of 2005, as amended, with DIFC Law No.6 of 2018.
United Arab Emirates
1 Mar 2018
Resourcing Solutions In Saudi Arabia (Video)
With Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia has embarked on an exciting program to transform its economy and unlock its economic power as the largest Arab economy.
Saudi Arabia
1 Mar 2018
New Emiratisation Requirements Issued For The Insurance Sector
The insurance sector is the latest in a string of Emiratisation initiatives to be placed under the spotlight, with the release of an Emiratisation Special Guide issued by the UAE Insurance Authority on 25 January 2018.
United Arab Emirates
21 Feb 2018
Emiratisation Update: The Right To Request Remote Working
Teleworking is the concept of using information and communication technology to work remotely from an employee's normal place of work, whether on a daily, weekly or monthly part-time or full-time basis.
United Arab Emirates
14 Feb 2018
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